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When I got home my mom wouldn't let me inside, I mean come on. Seriously? I had to go to the back of the house and stand still while she hosed me down.

That water was so freaking cold and she laughed the entire time as I tried to run away from the spray nearly slipping on the wet grass more than once which only caused her to laugh harder when Dad came out and joined her in my torment.

"There, all done. Now you can come inside." She declared as I stood there shaking, teeth chattering and glaring at their happy faces.

Dad had run inside and got me a towel, he didn't even step off the back porch but instead threw the large towel at my head and I almost slipped on the wet grass under me causing them to laugh again.

Grumbling, I marched pass them and into the the downstairs guest bathroom because mom didn't want me messing up the floor. I turned on the shower to it's highest temperature as I stripped off my cold and wet clothes as the bathroom filled up with steam.

Stepping into the hot water I sigh in happiness as I began to warm up and my teeth finally stopped their chattering. The bathroom door open and I heard my mom's voice.

"I put some clothes here for you Skylar, make sure to throw your wet ones in the washer when you get out." She said before closing the door and I had to turn the hot water down before I got burned and relaxed in the shower.

The day had been good, I think Madison had enjoyed our time together. I didn't really get to do everything I wanted but all in all it was a good day Maybe she'd let me take her out again.

I finally decided to get out when the water started turning cold and dried off hoping I had gotten all of the paint off. Quickly dressing in the clothes mom had brought me I made sure to throw my clothes in the washer before I wandered into the kitchen looking for dinner.

This time it was me who laughed out loud when I saw my dad glaring down at a bowl of Brussels sprouts that was in front of him. While mom slowly ate a piece of chicken.

He looked as if he was about to cry every time she took a bite and I pulled out my chair directly across from him and smirked when I saw his sad face look at me and my giant piece of chicken.

Smirking I cleared my throat making him look away from my chicken and into my eyes as I took a big bite out the meat making sure he heard the crunch as I bit.

His eyes widened and I saw longing in them and I continued taking slow bites, making sure he saw every one. Every delicious bite.

He narrowed his eyes at me and I read the message in them clearly.

How can you do that to me? I'm your father. His eyes said.

That's what you get for leaving me last time. Mine told him.

Stop teasing me. Him

But it's sooo good. I took another bite then.

I'll get you back for this. Him.

I welcome the challenge. I smirked at him and he glared.

Our eye conversation was broken by my mom, "Honey be sure to eat all your Brussels sprouts and Skylar stop teasing your father.

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