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It's been over two weeks since the accident and my bruises have been healing slowy.

Throughout that time, my mind kept going back to Madison and how I wished I would have gotten her number.

I took the bus to school the first day and the person I was about to sit by placed his bag in the seat next to him so I couldn't sit. I smiled at him and moved further to the back of the bus.

Every person I went to sit by did the same thing and the only place left were the seats in the back.

When the bus pulled up in front of the school I was the last to get off and I skipped down the steps.

I walked into the hall and people moved away from me like I was diseased but I smiled at each one of them.

I was about to head into my homeroom when a flash of golden blonde hair caught my eye. I stopped in the middle of the hall and someone bumped into me.

"Watch it freak!" The boy said and walked away.

As if I had willed it with my awsomeness, the crowd parted to reveal a laughing Madison.

She looked just as beautiful as the first day I saw her. My smile almost dimmed when I saw who she was speaking to though.


I ran over to her and pulled her into a hug and catching her off guard. My ribs protested from the movement but I ignored them in favor of hugging Madison.

The hall had gone quiet as they watched us and Micheal was looking at everyone before glaring at me.

I pulled back from Madison and looked at her, everytime I had seen her I was always lying down and I was pleased to see that we were the same height.

"Skylar?" Madison asked and I grinned and nodded at her.

"I didn't know you went here." She said moving closer to me. A move that didn't go unnoticed.

"I didn't know you were coming here." I said and she laughed.

"How are you doing?" She said motioning to my ribs.

"They hurt like a bitch." I said honestly and she laughed.

"Madison." Micheal called interrupting our moment.

"How do you know her?" He asked lowly so the many watching people wouldn't be able to really hear but the hall was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

"This is the girl I told you about the other day, the one who saved the little boy's life." She said not bothering to try and whisper.

"Skylar this is my cousin Micheal, Micheal this is Skylar." She said imtroducing us. If only she knew.

"We know." We both said and glared at each other.

"You guys know each other?" Madison asked looking between the two of us.

"You could say that." I muttered and turned back to Madison.

"You shouldn't talk to her." Micheal said and I sighed and Madison looked confused.

"Why not?" She asked him.

"Because she's crazy." Micheal siad and a people laughed.

"She's a loser and a freak and she'll ruin your chances at being popular." He said and more people laughed.

"What?" Madison asked sounding confused.

Before anything else could be said the bell rang and people started to scatter and Micheal dragged Madison away.

I stood there in the hallway long after the bell had rung and just stared at the lockers in front of me.

Would she listen to them? Would she even give me a chance?

A bunch of questions ran through my head as I stood there.

The principal came about half an hour later and told me to go to class which was already half way over.

I gotta show Madison the real me before they can convince her not to talk to me.

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