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People stared at us as we walked down the street. I smiled at an old lady as she shuffled pass as quickly as she could and tried to wipe some still wet paint from my eyes, but that seemed to only make it worse.

Sighing I looked over at Madison who was busy trying to pick a clump of purple paint from her hair and laughed and she looked up glaring at me.

"What's so funny?" She asked as a couple of kids pointed at us and laughed.

"You could be Barney's sister."  I said laughing and she shoved my shoulder.

"It's you're fault I'm covered in purple paint." She said as more paint splatters dropped to the floor.

"Not really." I said and she glared at me again. " If we both remember correctly I was throwing orange paint."

"Whose idea was it to start a paint fight in the first place?" She asked and I gasped in mock horror.

"I will have you know that a spider landed on my shoulder and the hand I used to swat it away just so happened to have paint on it, it's not my fault that some of it flew out of my hand and smacked the little girl in the face."

A group of kids passing us laughed and pointed as we left trails of color behind us.

"Follow the rainbow!!" I shouted and one little boy started doing just that until his mother pulled him back and narrowed her eyes at me.

"Madison was busy laughing while we walked back into our neighborhood, I swear if we were criminals trying to get away it wouldn't work, thanks to the trail behind us.

When we reached Madison's house Ms.Gyles was outside along with her husband and as soon as they spotted us they both started full belly laughing. I started to laugh as well until I saw Madison glaring at me.

"Wait right there girls." Ms.Gyles said as she got up from her seat and ran inside.

Mr.Gyles walked closer to us and shook his head at the two us."It good to see you again Skylar." He said to me.

"You too Sir." I said to him before he looked at Madison and snorted.

"I see Skylar took you on one of her adventures." He said and I did laugh at that.

"Don't even start." She warned him but I could see the playfulness in her eyes just as Ms.Gyles came running back outside with a camera in her hand.

"Say cheese girls."

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