Chapter 11: Sadie Says

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Over the days, we totally became a proper squad. Eli was friends with us too. Despite how we started out, I and Eli became really close. And now I love that girl. I met Cece too, properly. Again, despite how we started out, we became fast friends. Cece was pretty cool overall; she was just protective of Eli and Esra, her two best friends. I met Esra too. I call her Rae, and she's pretty cool. I, Cece and Rae were friends, but not really as close as I and Eli. Nick and I were at our constant level too. He was my best friend, and nobody could replace him. For realsies. And that ass knew that too well. 

So, one day, I and Mia were hanging about in the school library, doing homework during Homeroom, when Sadie burst in and rushed up to us. Mia looked Sadie over, "Oi Sades. You okay?"

Sadie panted due to all the running, "No! Yes! Kinda? I don't know, OMG, stop asking me questions!"

I and Mia exchanged glances before turning back to Sadie simultaneously, "Spill you tea."

Sadie sat down and took a sip of water before chuckling, "Spill your tea. That's funny."

I glared at her, "Sadie Summers! Spill already."

Sadie sighed, "Fine. But Sia, you can't tell Nick. At all."

I snorted indignantly, "Duh! I don't tell Nicholas everything, you know."

Mia mouthed to Sadie, "She does."

Sadie mouthed back, "Yeah, Mimi. She does."

I said, "Smh. I do not. You guys are awful teases."

Sadie and Mia high-fived before laughing. Sadie said, "Anyways. Guess who texted, oh my god!!!"

Mia and I looked at each other for an answer but we finally looked back at Sadie, not knowing who must've, "Well, who?"

Sadie blushed red before squealing, "Aaron!!"

Mia tried remembering who that was while I said in surprise, "Your douchey ex Aaron?"

Sadie scowled, "He's not douchey. Well he kinda was. But he isn't anymore. And besides, he was douchey only because he was jealous. And if he got jealous, it means he cares."

Mia mumbled, "You're making excuses."

Sadie glared at Mia, "Am not. It's true."

I spoke up before they could argue some more, "Well, what did he want? Aaron, that is."

Sadie blushed, "Welllll. He may have kinda sorta asked me out on a date."

Mia and I gasped. Mia asked excitedly, "Are you going to go?"

Meanwhile, I said, "Are you sure that's a good idea? What do you think of him anyway?"

Sadie blushed some more, "Well, Sia... He is just...So effing cute, you know? I blush every goddamn time I see him around. And like...He is just so unbelievably cute! I wanna make out with him so bad sometimes. And... I went on the date last night!!"

Mia and I stared at her as if she had suddenly sprouted two heads. Mia actually looked kind of hurt, "And you didn't tell us sooner?"

Sadie sighed, "I didn't know how you guys were gonna react."

I said, slowly, "Dude Sades, we'd always be on your side. You're our girl." Mia nodded, agreeing with me.

Sadielook at us and awwed, "Awh, you guys! I love you both. Yes, you too, Ambrosia."

I gaped at her, "Wow, Sades. For realsies?"

Sadie laughed, "For realsies, Sia."

I squealed and hugged her, "YAY! I love you too, omg!!"

Mia joined in the hug too and it was a nice, cute group hug.

Mia pulled back a while later, "Okay enough! Sadie, tell us about the date!"

Sadie took a deep breath, "Yes, so...He called me and asked me out, right. I said yes, because I thought it would be nice to catch up, you know? Thirty minutes later, he was at my driveway, all ready to pick me up. I was like, 'Oh my god, why is he here so early?!'. Nick asked me if I was going out. And oh, by the way! I told Nick that I was going out with Sia; so could you cover up for me on that, Ambrosia?"

I was surprised; Sadie using my name as a cover up? Cool! I nodded, "Duh, of course."

Sadie nodded and continued, "Right, so. The date was nothing fancy. We just went to The Pizzeria and talked about old times and shit. We talked for hours. Even after he dropped me home... We texted most of the night. Catching up on our school work, our boyfriends/girlfriends after each other, our friends... Just catching up. Then we finally stopped texting and went to sleep. It was... Perfect. Oh man, Sia and Mia. I think I might like him again."

Mia asked, confused, "Right. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

Sadie replied, not-so-sure herself, "I don't really know...Both maybe?"

I nodded, "Alrighty then. I say, go with the flow, Sadie. Don't overthink it. It's going to be fine. Okay?"

Sadie took a deep breath and nodded, "Yeah. No overthinking. Just go with the flow. Got it."

Mia chuckled, "Exactly.

I patted Sadie's head, "You'll be fine, Sades."

Sadie took another deep breath, "I hope so."

Mia nodded, "Let's see what happens, right?"

We'll see, Sadie.


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