Chapter 6: Washroom Rant

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Nick had early basketball practice the next day. So, I had two options of getting to school. I could either take the bus or I could walk. But since I love walking with my music playing, like I mentioned earlier, I decided to do the latter. A dress up and two pancakes later, I started making my way to the school, my earphones plugged into my ear, Driver Era music playing already. The weather was pleasant. I was wearing comfortable shoes and my auto-play music seemed to be in sync with my mood. The walk should have been perfect. But unfortunately, it got totally ruined. And I'll explain how...

I was walking by a group of houses and was almost up to the school when the door to one of the houses opened and out walked a girl with her puffy blonde hair and prissy private school uniform. I could just make out by her facial expressions that she was prissy, and while I hate prissy girls in general, meeting this girl was a whole lot worse. 

Why you may ask?

Cause I have a past with her. Juliet Allister, my ex best friend. She used to go to Nicholas High with the rest of us until freshman year. She changed schools and transferred to a rich, private school after her fallout with me. And when I say fallout, it's the understatement of the millennium. The drama was huge.

Juliet looked me over, "Still the same, huh Ambrosia?"

I snorted, "I could stay the same forever, Juliet."

Juliet said, all high and mighty, "Do you still steal other people's boyfriends?"

I hate sounding like a bitch, but this had to be done, "Awh, Juliet. Don't feel bad. It's not my fault other chicks' boyfriends want me."

If you don't get it, the drama involved a boyfriend. Juliet's boyfriend, to be specific.

The verbal bitch fight between me and Juliet continued like that for a while. But I was going to be late if I kept it up. So, I just made a last snide comment before resuming walking. I know it looks like I deal with fighting with Juliet well. But that couldn't be farther from the truth. I and Juliet were super close. And after things went down, she blamed be. For everything. And it hurt. I lost my source of comfort and everything. Even thinking of the mess makes my mind crumple. But running into Juliet... That's a bullet through my fucking sanity. On entering the school building, the first thing I did was make my way to the washroom. I was pretty sure that I was going to have a mini meltdown, and I would rather do that in the washroom than in front of half the school, thank you very much.

I shut the washroom door behind me, breathing a sigh of relief, thinking that I could have my meltdown in peace now that I was alone. But unfortunately, that wasn't at all true. I saw the last person I wanted to see at the washroom, coming out of one of the stalls. Sadie Summers.

Apparently, Sadie noticed me too. She said in a wary tone, "Hello, Ambrosia." 

I was too emotionally drained to be a bitch to her right now, "Hey, Sadie." I reply sighing.

She cocked her eyebrows, "Wow, you're being kinda nice..."

"I'm too drained emotionally."

She said hesitantly, "Uh, is everything fine? I mean, I can see it's not. I can, uh, call Nick?"

I shook my head, "No, it's fine. Thanks though. I...I'll deal with it."

Sadie looked me over once or twice as if she was deciding wether I was genuinely messed up or not. She hesitantly handed her water bottle to me, "Here."

I gaped at her as I accepted it and took a sip. I subconsciously murmured, "It's Juliet."


And that's the moment when Ambrosia Star started rambling, "Yes. Juliet Allister. Don't you remember her, Sadie? She used to come to school with us. She used to be my best friend. And then Nicholas High's biggest scandal went down, remember? Juliet was dating Bill at that time. They had been dating for a couple of years and they were pretty serious. And...And... And then one day Juliet had to go to her grandparents' for the summer. But she had been fighting with Bill and Bill was frustrated. Since me and him were pretty close, he came over to hang at my place. We were just talking. And drinking. When he kissed me. I refused, Sadie. I backed away. But... But he said he and Juliet had broken up. And I was drunk. We made out for a bit before it lead to more. And I hooked up with my best friend's boyfriend. But you have to believe me Sadie!! I thought they were broken up! Otherwise, I'd have never done it. And I had been known as a slut well before that. This just made my reputation stronger. But... I didn't care about that. I told Juliet I had hooked up with her ex when she got back, and she told me that Bill wasn't her ex. That they were still dating. She blamed me. She said I've always wanted Bill to myself and yelled at me. She broke up with I and Bill both. It didn't help that I and Bill had actually dated once for a few days. She called me a slut and that's how it became official at this school. Juliet was popular, like me. And since then, Ambrosia Star officially became a slut. But I didn't care, Sadie. I wanted Juliet and Bill back, and things to go back to the way they were. But that never happened. And Juliet got tired of the drama and transferred to the fancy private school on the other side of town. And I ran into her before I got to school. It's a bullet to my heart, Sadie."

Sadie just gaped at me during this whole rant. I mean, I totally know what she must be thinking, "Oh my god, Ambrosia Star is nut-crack who goes rambling her personal life details to any random person."

And I honestly couldn't help it. I had to let it all out. If it was any other person than Sadie, I would actually worry about spilling the details of my "dirty past". But this was Sadie Summers we're talking about. My best friend Nick's sister. And even though she absolutely hated me, I can't imagine Sadie using all of this against me. I know for a fact that she would never remind the student body of this drama. Not as a favor to me, but so as not to hurt me. Because hurting me means hurting her brother. And she loves Nick too much to hurt him.

Sadie cleared her throat, "So, um. I heard bits and pieces of this drama last year. But I never knew the full thing. And I didn't want to. But it's fine. You feel any better?"

I gave her a weak smile, "Kinda."

Sadie grinned at me, "Glad I could help. You might want to fix up your make up. Wouldn't want to let people see Ambrosia Star as a mess."

She was right in a sense. I cared about not looking like a mess in front of people. I liked to show people that I was cheerful and bubbly and happy-go-lucky. My cheerleader persona absolutely hid the mess in my head. And I wouldn't want to do anything that tattered that. The popularity, the cheerleader persona, the make up... It was all a guard. And those who got through it better consider themselves lucky. I know Nick does. Because as of now, he is the only one on my side of my guard.

I pulled out my blackberry lip balm and winked, "Of course, Sadie. Of course."

Sadie laughed aloud, "See you later then, Ambrosia. Or not. That works better."

I bit my lip, "Yeah. Hey Sadie? Thank you."

Sadie smiled, and her smile seemed kind of genuine, "Consider it as a compensation for the absence of my brother. Nothing more."

"I wouldn't dream of it."



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