Chapter 9: TDR Once Again

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Mia Charlotte is the queen of making excuses to avoid doing homework. Somehow, she totally convinced us to invite over Eli and Chris. Now, I didn't really mind Chris; that guy is sex on two legs. But Eli...? I'm not so sure. I don't think she likes me. But despite what I think, Eli and Chris did come over. Sadie was bit hesitant too; letting people she didn't know to her house. But Mia could be pretty convincing; she got Stubborn Sadie to relent to the get-together too. Once everyone was there, Mia of course spoke up.

"Guys! Let's play Truth or Dare."

Expected of her, right?

Eli and Chris rolled their eyes, "Again?"

Natalie meanwhile clapped her hands, "Oh, yes! I haven't player T or D in ages !!"

Sadie just smirked while I said, "Yeah...You know what? We should make it T or D or R. TDR."

Mia stared at me in bewilderment, "TDR? What's the R stand for?"

I laughed, "R stands for Roses."

Sadie said, "Explain."

I snorted at their expressions before explaining, "Yeah, so like, in Roses, you will be given 4 names. And you have to assign the 4 different roses to them. The four roses are;- Black, Yellow, White and Red. Black stands for hate; yellow stands for friends; white stands for crush; and red stands for love, obviously. So like, if I pick Roses and you guys me the names of 4 guys, I have to basically tell who I hate, who I want to be friends with, Who I have a crush on, and who I absolutely love. Got it?"

Eli, Chris and Nat nodded, "Yeah."

Sadie meanwhile snorted, "Where'd you even come up with that?"

I shot her a look, "I don't remember, to be honest. I guess we used to play Roses when we were little kids."

Sadie just laughed while Mia clapped her hands enthusiastically, "Sounds good, Sia. Anyway, who's going first?"

Eli chuckled, "You can go first."

Mia beamed at her, "Okay!! Hmm, Sadie. T or D or R?"

Sadie shrugged, "Truth."

Mia visible racked her brains for a question, "Oh! I know! Sadie, who are you slut for?"

We all burst out laughing while Sadie blushed red, "Whaaat. I'm a slut for nobody, Mia, what you mean?"

Mia tsked, "Nu-uh, babes. You have to answer."

Everyone cheered for Sadie to answer.

Sadie finally blushed some more and said, "Fine! I'm slut for... Aaron."

And that, of course, led to a round of questions.

"Who is Aaron?"

 "Is he cute?"

 "How old is he?" 

"Is he at least nice?"

"Do we know him?"

"Sadie, answer already!"

Sadie stared at us all as if we were all absolute weirdos, which we probably were. She then sighed, "Aaron is my ex, Yes, he is cute and uh...Not really nice, I guess. He was rude when we were dating. That's why we broke up, to be honest. He is 18. And I'm sure you guys don't know him. He goes to a different school. And he is almost done with high school anyways now."

Everyone just said 'oh'. I mean, it's not like we could say anything else. Sadie went next, "Ambrosia, TDR?"

"Definitely Roses."

Sadie said thoughtfully, "Oh, fun. Your options are... Nick, Chris and..."

Mia added, "Andrew and Jacob."

I grinned, "Easy AF. Black rose to Jacob. Yellow to Andrew. White to Chris. And, Red to Nick. Big duh."

Mia and Sadie "oofed" just as the doorbell rang. It was probably Nick. The others thought so too, and thus, Nat, Sadie and Mia all went to the door to get it. Chris went to the washroom, So, it was just Eli and I. I started, "So... Hey Eli."

"Hey, Ambrosia."

I just put it out there, "You don't like me, do you?"

Eli sighed/whispered, "You seem nice. I just...Have a crush on Chris."

I laughed, "I realized. Don't worry, I'll back off. Friends? I don't like Chris anyway that way. I just think he's cute. I'm a ho, don't worry. Okay?"

Eli laughed, "Of course. Friends."

Just then, Mia, Nat and Sadie came back with Nick. Chris came back too. 

Nick glared at me, "One day, Star. One day I'm going to get you in detention."

I just laughed and brushed him off. But despite whatever he said, he picked me. Mia asked him since he chose Truth, "Pick one: Sadie or Sia. The one you don't pick dies." 

Nick looked real conflicted but he turned to Sadie and said slowly, "Well, if you die, you'll be going to paradise. So I'd be doing you a favor. I pick Star."

Be still, heart. Now I really don't like Nick that way; but I love him for picking me over Sadie. I didn't expect him to, to be honest. I thought he'd honestly pick Sadie. But he didn't... My best friend, people.

We spent the next few hours playing this ridiculous game where everyone asked ridiculous questions. Eh, it was still fun. A few hours later, finally might I add, we decided to stop procrastinating and do our homework. 


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