Chapter 10: A New Game

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Over the past few days, Nick, Nat, Sadie, Mia and I hung out together almost 24/7. Even if we weren't together in the same place, we would text in the group chat, or even video chat. We would always hang out at my place since my parents were always busy with work, but sometimes we hung out at Nick and Sadie's house. We mostly played the games that Mia suggested. I for one, didn't know where she came with all of the games from. If it wasn't truth or dare, it was video games, if it wasn't video games, it was Japanese whisper. If it wasn't that it was smash or pass, or never have I get the point.

The couches in my living room had be reorganized so we could all sit in a circle to play the games. It seemed to be a pain for Mia to explain them to everyone, as we all were always goofing around and not paying attention. 

"So guys you get to play the game?" She asks after explaining Japanese Whisper.

We all nod although I'm sure not all of us got a great understanding. She started off the game since she was the most experienced in it. She wrote down a word on a piece of paper and passed it to Sadie, who in turn wrote down a word and passed it to Nat. Then it continued on from Nat to Nick, then finally to me, who gave a word to Mia. We all gave each other different words. I laughed aloud when I got my word, of course he had given me some silly word. I shake my head at him and he just smiles and shrugs.

The paper read, "Turtle Testicles."

After everyone had gotten and given their word the questions began. We were to ask the person sitting opposite of us a random question, and they had answer with whichever word they were given. I started off asking Nick,

"What do you enjoy doing the most?" I ask him.

Him and Nat erupt in laughter, "R-read out your word Nick." Nat says while laughing hysterically.

"I enjoy doing...Shrek." He says and we all laugh along with them. then it was Nick's turn to ask Nat.

"What's your favorite thing in the world?"

She chuckles and Sadie raises her eyebrows at her. "My most favorite thing in the world is...Boobs." 

We all rolled in laughter, Nick shook his head, "I didn't know you swung that way babe."

"Oh shut up." She says rolling her eyes. "Sadie, what did you dream about this morning?"

Sadie shook her head, "Nope, I refuse to answer that." Meanwhile Mia could barely hold in her laughter. 

"Just answer it...what did you dream about?" Mia asks winking.

"I dreamt about fapping." She says, causing us to all laugh even more than last time. 

"Ok. ok guys." Mia says laughing, "Sadie ask me."

"What do you want more than anything in life?"

"Smelly socks?" She says, she shakes her head, "That one was lame."

We still all chuckled a little but not as much as last time. It was finally my turn, deep down I hoped she asked me a funny question but also deep down I didn't want her to.

"Sia...what is your favorite thing to eat?"

"WOW, seriously?!" I facepalm myself as Nick laughs at me. You've got to be kidding me.

"My favorite thing to eat is turtle testicles." 

They all burst out in laughter, Nick was rolling on the floor clutching his stomach. I couldn't stop laughing either, to the point where I was out of breath. We played a few more rounds of it, and we did the same thing the next day, and the next. We would all finish our homework whilst coming back from school in the car, then when we go to my house we would just play the rest of the day. It was ideal. It was one day when we all went to my house after school and Mia broke out some bad news. She looked pretty down that day.

"Guys...I might be transferring schools next month."

"What? Why? What happened?" We ask simultaneously.

"My studies haven't been as perfect as my parents have wanted them, so unless I get better, they'll make me change to some private boarding school."

Sadie pulls her into a hug, "Its okay Mia, because we can help you study." She says smiling.

"Yeah." I say agreeing, joining the hug. Soon enough both Nat and Nick joined in and it became a group hug.

" Japanese whisper?" She asks wiping her eyes after the hug.

We all shake our heads and facepalm, "No...Mia, study time!" I say.

She groans, "Finee."

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