Chapter 3: Party Time

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"Star. STAR! Wake the fuck up." Nick poked me, awakening me from my nap. We decided to hang out at my place after school, and  I'd fallen asleep while watching one of the movies he had picked out, which by the way...I did not agree on. And I totally know how I'd fallen asleep. One word. Boring. Nick's movies are the definition of boring. Okay, I don't always watch cheesy rom-coms, like he says I do, but he could pick some movie more interesting than what's going on now.

I rub the sleep out of my eyes , "Movie finito?" 

Nick chucked, "Yes, you pseudo Italian hoe. The movie finished. Which you totally missed." 

I yawned, "Not my fault it's so boring."

Nick rolled his eyes , "I've decided to cancel that party I was gonna throw, Natalie texted, I might just binge watch Game of Thrones marathon with her since you're so boring."

By the way, Natalie is Nick's girlfriend and have dated for quite sometime now. She's also one of my best friends as well. I threatened him so much when they got together, because she's honestly a really sweet girl and, Nick is...well, he's Nick.

"You guys are weird, but thats cute I guess, I don;t know who does Netflix and chill to Game of Thrones but by all means, do your thing."

"Get your head out the gutter, Star. Besides she is not like that." He says.

Hey, it's all good. As long as you wear protection." I say annoying him " Besides I have plans as well, there's this really cool party in town, and I've got to go."

"I assume you're going with Jordan and the others?"

"Don't use that tone on me, asshole. But yeah, I'm going with them."

I didn't let him argue with me any further. We just decided to sit down and do our homework. There was so much to do today. We sat down at the dining table and pulled out our books. It took us 3 hours, but we finally got through Physics, Chemistry and Algebra homework. After that, we studied for an upcoming test before finally calling it a day. But obviously, just my damned luck, Nick had to leave for MMA. Yes, he does that too. 

"Aye Star, I'm leaving now, alright?"

"Smh. Fine. Whatever."

He burst out laughing, "For the last time, Star. Nobody actually pronounces 'smeh'. It's a texting sound, for fuck's sake."

I glared at him, "Whatevs. I pronounce it. Smh."

He shook his head, laughing, "Freaking weirdo."

"Hush, you love me."

"You know it. Okay seriously, I'll be late because of you. Call me if you need anything. And do not get into a car with a drunk driver after the party."

"Yeah, yeah. Now go."

Nick laughed before heading out. And oh, by the way? Do I come out as clingy to you? Cause, you know, I'm not. Things are just boring without Nick around. Anyways, there are still a few hours before the party. So I decided to just go binge watch The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I never get to watch that when Nick is around. Mostly because Nick hates Ross Lynch. I, on the other hand, am completely in love with Ross Lynch. He is a total all rounder. That dude can sing, dance, act and even fly aeroplanes. See? Awesomeness overload. He's my Man crush every Monday. CAOS is my new favorite series. And for reals though, it's super cool. I headed back up to my room, snuggled into my bed with my laptop and opened Netflix. It's CAOS time, y'all.

Fuck. It's almost 9 PM. I'm kinda late for the party. Usually we'd go to the party later, but since it's a school night, I'm going to have to get back by eleven. Yeah, that's my curfew. Even though I'm alone all day, since my parents are working, they like me to be home at night because that's literally the only time they get to see me all day. I threw on a sexy short black dress, did my make up in five minutes and then headed out after putting on my heels. I had texted Jordan like 15 minutes early, and she was right outside my door waiting in her car. Well, Andrew's car. Andrew was driving them all. Tyon was there in the car too, along with Ailani and Holly. Tyon was Holly's current boyfriend, and Jordan's ex boyfriend. And Andrew... He was Jordan's current boyfriend, aka, my ex...

Confusing right? Basically just a car full of exes.

I got into the car next to Ailani. Honestly? She's my favorite.

Jordan said in her usual prissy voice, "Oh my gawd, Ambrosie. What have you been doing? It's almost too late even for being fashionably late."

I rolled my eyes, "Sorry, babe. Got caught up watching a series."

Andrew nodded at me, "Hey Sia."

I grinned, "Aye, Andy."

Andrew and I don't really have hard feelings between us. We're still friends, though it gets awkward. The breakup is actually pretty recent. Like, a month back recent. Anyways, he started driving and we were at the party destination of the evening soon enough. We all got outta the car and headed into the house. Jordan and the others spotted the Royals and made their way over to them. 


 The Royals are an actual thing. They are the most popular clique in the school, everyone knows who they are. And to become a Royal, you'd have to be invited into the clique or be dating someone in it. And there's this rule. Once a Royal, always a Royal. Unless you're too unfavored in the clique; then you get kicked out. Technically, I'm a Royal too, I'm friends with all of them as well. Some are nicer than the others. I like Jordan, I do. But I and her aren't so close anymore after she started hooking up with my ex. Hey, no hard feelings, though. 

Jordan and the others get to the dance floor while I headed to the kitchen to get a drink. After getting my drink, I made my way to the a group of people playing Truth or Dare. Which much to my good fortune was X rated. They scoot over to make some room for me on the couch so I could join in. This is gonna be a really fun night.



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