Chapter 8: Friends

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When I wake up the next day, we're all cramped on the couch lying on each other. Nick on the other hand had completely fallen to the floor, the site of which, caused me to burst in laughter waking everyone up.

"What'd I miss? What's so funny?!" Mia asks jumping up, causing me to fall to floor.

"Oh Jesus Mia, how are you this hyper in the morning?" I ask her rubbing my head.

"That's my bad." She says helping me up, " Weren't you over on the other side to Nick?"

"I.." Sadie cuts me off before I can even begin to speak, "Mia, we should go, we're gonna be late for class."

I frown. Jeez. Whats with her again?

She shakes her head as if she remembers she's being nice to me now. "Oh, Ambrosia...Thanks for letting us stay; I've just got a thing about being late. Besides, Nick can drive you both to school." She says smiling at me.

Oh well I guess she is being nice. " Yeah, besides, we'll see each other at lunch?"

Nick frowns at the two of us, "A-am I dreaming guys are...talking to each other? Without being mean?"

Sadie rolls her eyes. "Come on, Mia. Let's go." 

Later when they're all gone, and Nick and I are driving to school, he looks at me for a few seconds as if waiting for an explanation or something.

"What?" I ask taking a sip from my coffee.

"Are you just going to not tell me? Yesterday you guys looked like you wanted to kill each other, and now this morning you guys are agreeing about stuff and giving each other hugs?" He says confused.

"We're friends." I say smiling triumphantly.

"You? And Sadie? Friends? Wow, what has this world come to?"

"Jeez, be happy, you idiot." I say scowling at him, "This should be the best news you've ever heard."

"Yeah, yeah. Just don't go replacing me now." He says patting my head as we pull in to the parking lot of the school.

Class was pretty boring. The first few ones I had were torturous, and none of them were with Nick. Of course, I would spot everyone walking down the halls to their next class, but we barely had enough time for a conversation. Lunch break was what I was waiting for, and it almost felt like centuries until the bell the rang for break. I didn't bother running this time. My head kinda hurt, so I just walked instead. Mia, Nick, and Nat were all already sitting at the table when I arrived. I frown when I didn't see Sadie, but I wasn't exactly surprised. I couldn't expect her to sit with us after only one night of us being nice to each other. Besides she probably had other friends. My thoughts were cut short when I hear a tray slam down on the table.

"Whoopsies." I look up to see Sadie, sitting across from me. She grins, "Sorry I'm late; I was talking with someone." 

"You actually came!" I say surprised. " Honestly, I didn't expect you to..."

"I know...its ONLY because you guys stole Mia from me." She says jokingly.

"Well, I'm sure you already know Nat..." I say questioningly.

She nods, "Of course I do...Hi gorgeous." 

"Stop flirting with my girlfriend." Nick says rolling his eyes.

"Oh shut up, you idiot." I tell him

Sadie just starts laughing, soon joined in by Mia, Nat and I. 

"I liked it better when none of you were friends." Nick says shaking his head.

"Whatever, kiddo." I say mimicking him. "Get used to it."

The rest of lunch break consisted of us making jokes and laughing, as usual. Except now Sadie was there. I was surprised of how nice she was now, made me happy, to finally be friends with her. The rest of the day, was pretty much boring in the class. I shared a few with Nick and Nat. He kept making funny faces at me, causing me to laugh out loud. Which when the teacher asked what for, I couldn't exactly blame it on Nick. My solution was just to make him laugh as well; I'd say that was fair.

"Nicholas Summers and Ambrosia Star, if I hear another sound from either of your mouths today, but the answer to my question, you are getting detention." Mr. Dennis, who's our math teacher, says.

I ended up making Nick laugh again somehow, landing him in detention. I wanted to laugh so bad, I stick my tongue out at him after the class ended as I walked out the room. I could hear him arguing with the teacher from outside the class.

"But I have practice!"  

I laugh as I walk away from the class, I didn't feel bad honestly. Besides...he started it. It was only going to last for two hours anyways. Nat, Sadie, and Mia turned out to be waiting for the both of us outside the school. They frown when they see its just me.

"Nick is in detention." I say chuckling.

"Wha..." They all say in confusion, and so I tell them.

"GUYS." Mia says cutting off all of our laughter, "We should go to a party tonight!"

"But we've got homework though..."

"Eh...we can do it later. Just think about it okay. Besides there's gonna be so many HOT single guys there." She says winking at us.

"Uh, Nat isn't even single...and aren't you dating Bobby?" Sadie asks her looking confused.

"What? No, we're just friends. Come on, you guys! It'll be fun." 

"Maybe on the a couple days, Mimi." I say patting her head.

AND from that point on I guess you could call us a squad now. Even though Sadie is a "new member" I can see this all lasting a long time. We all drive back to Nick and Sadie's house, and wait for Nick to come back. Meanwhile Mia, who I've realized is apparently a restless party girl comes up with another idea for us to do...instead of homework.

"GUYS!" she says breaking the silence.

"We should totally invite a few people over to chill out a bit. You know, not really a party yet not really boredom. Just a small get together. You know?" She winks.



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