Chapter 12: Sadie In Love

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Mia and I were at my house and we had just finished our homework and the studying for upcoming tests. Suddenly we heard loud knocks at the door. Mia jumped up, "I'll go see!" She then scurried to the the door while I just chuckled. That girl is so hyperactive. It was Sadie at the door. Sadie rushed in to the kitchen, where I and Mia had been sitting. She got some water and started pacing across my dining room.

Mia sat back down, "Uh, right. Sadie, you okay?"

I nodded at her, "Yeah Sades, what's up?"

Sadie looked at us a squealed, "Guess what happened!"

Mia squealed along, "OMG! WHAT HAPPENED?"

I just shrugged, "You and Aaron got your shit together and are dating now?"

Sadie gaped at me, "How did you know? I never told anyone!"

I chuckled, "I have magic mind-reading powers."

Mia rolled her eyes, while Sadie scoffed, dragging out the word, "Sure."

Mia then squealed, "Wait, so!!! Sadie, you're seriously dating Aaron??"

Sadie blushed and nodded, "Yep."

Mia squealed some more and hugged Sadie. Sadie squealed too. Now, considering I'm an enthusiastic person too, I squealed and joined in the hug.

Mia giggled, "Group hug!!" Meanwhile, I and Sadie just chucked before pulling away after a few seconds.

Mia turned back to her homework while I turned to Sadie, a tiny smile tugging at my lips, "So Sades, what do you wanna do now?"

Sadie bit her lip, "If you guys don't mind, let me gush, please?"

Mia laughed excitedly, "Gush time!!"

I squealed (since I'm a girl too, you know), "Of course! We need all the cute details!"

Sadie beamed, "Right, yay! Man, Mia and Amy. It's so perfect. He is perfect. Well, he might not be perfect as a person; but he is absolutely perfect for me. He is so cute, oh my god. And hot. Let's not forget the hotness. Man, you guys. He's perfect. Why did I even break up with him?"

Mia awwed at Sadie while I reminded her like a true smartass, "Because he was rude to you. And too jealous."

Sadie ignored me, "Yeah well, that's all in the past, Ames!! He's changed. He's a true gentleman now. And man, you guys. I think I love him. I can't stop thinking about him. Like, christ. Now I know why I put up with his rudeness for so long. I love him!" 

Mia and I totally squealed at that. Sadie had been through a lot as we had come to know, over all these days. She had dated this guy named Wayne, who suddenly left school and moved away, without a word. Sadie tried to find him on social media, but he had completely disappeared. She couldn't reach his phone number either. He just... Poofed. Disappeared. Like magic. He didn't even send Sadie a break up text. And she had really liked him.

After Wayne, Sadie dated this guy named Alex. She had loved him too. And they had dated for like half a year before he cheated on her with some girl, thus thoroughly breaking her heart. Sadie and Alex hadn't remained friends after that, obviously.

So yeah, Sadie deserved nice, happy things. And if Aaron made her super happy, she deserves him.

Mia asked, "Are you sure though, Sades? Do you really love him?"

Sadie nodded, "I do. I really do."

I beamed at her, "I'm happy for you, Sades. You deserve this."

Sadie just beamed back at me, "Thanks, Amy. I appreciate it."

The three of us got back to our homework after that. An hour later or so, Mia's phone pinged. I mean, it had pinged before that too. But now, it wouldn't stop pinging. So Mia just picked it up and checked her Instagram. It was Eli who was texting her. Apparently she was bored and wanted to come over. Mia glanced at me questioningly, "So..?"

I nodded, "Of course, Eli can come. Ask her to be right over."

Mia told Eli, who was, of course, delighted. She came over straight away. Well , in fifteen minutes. It takes time to drive over, you know. She walked into the kitchen, "Hey Mia, Sia and Sadie!!"

Mia and I grinned at her, "Sup, Eli."

Sadie meanwhile beamed, "Eli baby, hi!! What's new?"

Eli shrugs, "Nothing much, Sades. What about you?"

Sadie pulls her down to sit next to her, "I'll tell you, girl!! Guess who is taken!!"

Eli stares at her, "Oh my god, you're taken? What even... Sadie Summers! Why don't you tell me anything! Tell me, oh my god. Who? How? When?"

Sadie then starts rambling about Aaron again. I swear to god, she started rambling about Aaron whenever somebody new came over. Like, seriously Sades?? And trust me, MANY people came over. Once Eli came over, Esra and Cece wanted to come over too. Then Chris came over too. And then came over Joe, along with Austin. One of my other, older friends, Alice came along too, with her boyfriend Josh. It was a mini party at my place soon. No joke. And Sadie told everyone about Aaron. Surprising, right? Sadie is the most antisocial person I know. Right after Nick. Actually no. Sadie can be pretty rude. Nick meanwhile is a dick only when he is really down. He's rude to me too, but hey! Bestie 101. I've got to let him be rude to me. It's all good though. he lets me be rude to him when I'm down. But yeah, Sadie is rude to everyone. Except her friends. And sometimes, she is rude even to her best friends. Which is Mia, Nick and Bobby. But today she was so happy, she was even being nice to people she had never met before in her life. And all my friends, being nice themselves, listened to her and cheered for her on being taken by the guy of her dreams. It was all really nice. And Mia meanwhile was actually doing better with her studies. We were helping as much as we could, of course. But we won't let her slack off now that she's kinda better. Happy life, right?


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