Chapter 1: Trip To The Bookstore

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Saturday morning, and I have nothing to do. Honestly, could it get any more boring? Saturdays are absolutely the worst. There's no school and while I usually have homework usually, there's none today. On top of that, my best friend is at his stupid basketball game. I wish I could've gone today but...sad life. Fun times. 

Oh, I didn't do the introduction part. My name's Ambrosia Star and I'm a sophomore this year. The above mentioned best friend has a name too. Obviously. Its Nick Summers. Or if you want to annoy him, Nicholas Summers. We have been friends for so many years now, and he is literally the one person who hasn't ditched me. I mean, I have other friends, quite a lot of them actually, but I wouldn't say I'm too close with any of them. 

Scratch that. 

I'm close with many people, but just not "Nick-close". Nick's special. Straight up, he's been with me through everything. Be it late night cram sessions before exams or be it getting away from stalker exes or even just being there and understanding me. I have a lot of friends, just not ones like him. I guess you could call me somewhat popular.

On the contrary, Nick is really really not. He's the most antisocial person that I know. Other than the typical weird guy in class who only ever hangs out with me, no one really knows who he is. But hey, I'm seriously not judging. Nick has very few friends. But he's cool as hell. I'd tell that to other people but, Nick is special, he's mine.

Anyway, enough about him. Let's get back to the problem on hand, that is, what to do on this unusual boring Saturday morning? I could go hang out with some of the girls, but I'm seriously not in the mood to gossip at the moment. I'd read a book, but I don't have any fresh reading material. RIGHT! I could go to the bookstore and buy a few new books. A trip to the book store it is...just after I finish my ice cream.

I picked up my backpack and headed outside the door. The day's pretty pleasant, come to think about it. It was neither too cold, nor too hot outside. I pulled out my earphones and put them in before walking outside to the bookstore. The closest bookstore from my place isn't so far, it barely took me 20 minutes to walk over there. The  smell of books hit my nose as soon as I stepped in the store. Honestly, that's the best part of bookstores, its so...satisfying. I could honestly go on all day about that alone, that's how much I love reading.  I've read so many fantasies lately; I could  use a change in genre. Besides, one of my friends was telling me about this really cool horror-romance novel and I seriously want to read it. It sounds super cool already. I skimmed through all the shelves briefly, looking for the one I want. I finally found it on the last shelf, tucked in the corner. That's so unfair. The book's plot is really good. It deserves to be in the first shelf, I tell you. Yes, I am that weird to think that a book should have its moment in the light. But, it's all good though, right?

Anyways, I picked up my book and was just making my way to the cash counter when I bumped into this girl wearing a denim jumpsuit. She was totally engrossed in The Throne of Fire. I'm all for that book, but seriously, the girl could look where she was going. Her eyes snapped up to mine.

 "Oh god, look where you're going!" She said looking at me in disgust.

Wow, the nerve...

 "I was  looking where I was walking. You're the one lusting after Carter Kane." I said indignantly. (Carter Kane is the character from the Throne of Fire, by the way.) 

The girl scoffed, "Yeah, if you actually read something worthwhile instead of reading stupid romance novels, you'd know what's the craze about."

WOW. I rolled my eyes, "Yes, because I haven't absolutely read all Rick Riordan books possible." 

She muttered something under her breath that i couldn't quite hear as she backed away from me. You know what's the funny thing though? That girl looks really familiar. Like, really familiar. Maybe she's from my school..? Suddenly, it clicked. I spoke up in recognition, 

"Dude, you're Sadie Summers." The girl looked taken back, 

"Yeah... Wait, how'd you know?" 

I shrugged, "It's obvious. You're Nick's sister." 

Sadie narrowed her eyes, "You're friends with Nick?" I just nodded. 

Sadie wrinkled her nose in apparent disgust, "Ambrosia Star. Of course. My brother has only one regular friend. Wow Ambrosia, you look weirder out of school. Do you always have glasses? Maybe that's why I didn't recognize you!" 

I laughed sarcastically, "Very funny, Sadie. Yes, I have glasses. What's the biggie? And now it makes perfect sense why you're reading The Kane Chronicles. You need to leech off Sadie Kane's personality because you don't have your own."

I know I sound like a bitch right now, but she started it. 

Her eyes widened for a moment, "Wow. I am seriously doubting my brother's friend choices right now. You're a real bitch, Ambrosia." 

Ugh, couldn't she come up with something more original? I smiled, "But of course, Sadie. Didn't you know? I specialize in being a bitch." 

She rolled her eyes, "That's abundantly apparent. Now excuse me, I have to go read my novel." She says walking off before I could get in another word. 

Bleh. I couldn't care less. I love Nick, but I can't stand that girl. She and I used to be acquaintances years back. But I don't know why she's always seemed to hate me. Well, it's not like I can do anything. I don't care enough to think anymore of it, at least I got my book.

And so I walked over to the cash counter. Sadie left the store as soon as I got in line. Good riddance, I say! I payed for my book before heading out and making my way back to home. I willed myself not to open the book while walking. Last time I did that I tripped and landed my book in a pile of dog poop. A good book lost just for me being impatient. I wouldn't want that to repeat that scenario again! So, I just walked home and headed up to my room before opening my book and settling down on the bed with popcorn. I don't even know why, I enjoy eating popcorn while reading. Especially horror novels. Now, that's a perfect Saturday all planned out. A paranormal-romance, and popcorn. I don't need anything else. Well, at least until Nick comes back. 



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