Chapter 4: Truth Dare Roses

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"I'm Ambrosia." I said, introducing myself to everyone in the game.

"I know. Uh I mean, of course you're Ambrosia. Everybody knows you around school. My name's Mia." One of the girls said reaching out to shake my hand. She looked about 13 honestly, but you can never tell these days.

"Meet Jacob, Chris, Cece, and Eli. I've only met them today...except Eli, but they're all cool." She said.

"It's nice to meet you guys." I said gazing around at them. The Chris guy was pretty hot, it's weird that I've never noticed him around school. He had jet black hair and he looked pretty buff underneath his Polo shirt. I bet he's a football player. I was probably staring  at him for way too long because he raises his eyebrows and smiles at me. I looked away from him, blushing. Even his smile was cute as hell.

"We all know who you are." The guy named Jacob says, pushing his terribly over-sized glasses back on his face. "You're like the most popular girl in school. I can't wait to tell my friends Ambrosia Star talked to me. Oh god, can we take a pic?" 

I chuckle at him, I don't want to sound stuck up but... Guy needs to chill a bit.

"Sooo, let's start the game shall we?" Mia says winking at all of us. After about...the third or fourth round things started to get more intense, it wasn't just normal Truth or Dare anymore. It just got more X-rated as it continued. Not that I'm complaining, seeing Chris without a shirt on is a sight one does not want to miss.

"I dare do five minutes in heaven with Chris." Mia says grinning at me. Absolute Jackpot. I notice Eli throwing Mia a glare as Chris grabs my hand and leads me to the closet, "You ready for this or what, Star?"

I winked at him, "You bet."

Not gonna lie, making out with Chris was HOT. The temperature went from hot to inferno in no time. Chris trailed his lips all across my neck and as his hands went behind me to cup my ass. Five minutes were over sooner than I wanted it to be. Mia and Jack (I'm calling Jacob that now) grinned at us while Eli just sighed. Cece took a glance at Eli before glaring at me. Weird, right? Maybe Eli likes Chris or something. Welp.

The game continued with a heavy supply of beer. Cece loosened up a bit at me after a few more beers. She slurred, "Yo Miaaaa. Cool party, baby. This is so fun." 

Mia chuckled, "No problemo, girl."

We finished playing the game soon enough. It got boring after a while. So, we all headed to the dance floor. There was some heavy metallic music playing, which I found out was Mia's favorite genre. Eli, Cece and Mia went on ahead to dance together while I played my part as the typical Ambrosia Star and dirty danced with a very drunk Chris. There was definitely a lot of grinding and booty involved. But one can only dance for so long wearing 3 inch heels. And besides, I'm pretty sure I was drunk. I thought it was a good idea to strip out of clothes right here in front of everyone just cause I was getting sweaty. Firstly, ew. Secondly, that's drunk behavior. Okay, time to go home, Sia. 

I stumbled my way outside Mia's house. On my way I spotted the Royals partying still. The couples were making out while the others were just plain partying. I don't think they'd want to leave yet. Bleh, I'll just find another ride. But that's seriously not as easy as it sounds. Literally everyone here is drunk. And I'd rather walk home in my painful as fuck heels rather than get into a car with a drunk driver. That never turns out well. Just as I had foreseen, there was no one to drive me home. Ugh. Time to call Nick. Now I get a lecture about being irresponsible. Yay me!

I pulled out my phone and speed dialed Nick, "Heyyyy Nicholas! How's your "Summer" going?" I laughed at my own joke. 

Nick groaned, "Ambrosia Danielle Star, how drunk are you?"

I giggled, "I might have had a few beers. Stop worrying, Nicky. I'm a big kid."

"Pfft. Where are you?"

I looked around, "I don't know... But there's a big tree here. That's helpful, right?"

Nick swore under his breath, "Right, who's party is it?"

"Oh, I don't really remember. It starts with M though. Mimi? Mandy? Maya? OH WAIT. Mia. Yes, it's Mia's partay."

"Mia? Oh my god, Star. There are 4-5 girls named Mia at our school. You irresponsible girl. Just turn on your location. And send me your location from the map. Can you do that? I'll be there soon."

I nodded before remembering he couldn't actually see me , "Yes, sir."

Nick hung up after that. I did what he asked me to do, with some difficulty. True to his word, Nick was there in like ten minutes. See? He's always there. Nicholas Summer, the love of my life (in a platonic way), is always there for me. I got into the car as soon as he pulled over and threw my hands around him, "I love you so much!!"

Nick snorted, "I love you more, asshole. Now scoot over. Let's get you home. And for Christ's sake, lady. What are you wearing?"

I pouted, "It makes me look sexy."

Nick rolled his eyes as he started the car, "Whatever you say, kid."

I threw back his words from earlier, "If you roll your eyes so much, they'll get stuck at the back of your head."

Nick laughed aloud, "Damn, Star. Okay, okay. Now shut up."

I just laughed before snuggling up to his side as he drove him home. My knight in ripped jeans, people. He's always there to save me. Anyways, he drove me home after that. And helped me get up to my room. I don't know when I fell asleep but when I woke up the next morning, Nick was not there. 



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