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a/n: this was requested so i hope it turns out good and how u want but this gif of david is so precious MY HEART. but i couldn't find a gif or pic of him sagging so rip

summary: you and david are dating and you get on him for sagging his pants 

word count: 890

David was one of the cutest humans you have ever came in to contact with. He had the happiest, most heartwarming smile and was as sweet as can be. Most of his time was spent with him smiling and laughing, enough to bring a smile to anyone's face. He was the sweetest boy you had ever met and you were so thankful to call him your boyfriend. But as his girlfriend, you had to also remind him of certain things, especially to pull his damn pants up. Not only had you made comments and jokes, but so had Jason and many others. Teasing was something the both of you did often. Both of you enjoyed joking around and laughing. Here David sat on your bed, on his phone and with his boxers showing slightly.

"David!" you groaned. Time and time again you told him to pull his pants up.

"What, baby?" he asked, laughing.

"Your pants!" you moaned, pouting as he never actually kept them up.

"Oh my god," he laughed, shaking his head. "Just come here." You were determined to win this battle, so you shook your head, signalling no. David puffed out air in annoyance as he sat up. Once he sat up, he tugged you down onto the bed and pulled you to him.

"No!" you squealed, trying to break out of his grip, making David laugh, knowing you couldn't break free. Finally, you sighed and gave up the battle. A smirk took over David's face as he knew he won. "You suck," you murmured, curling into him.

"Baby, it's just some pants," he chuckled.

"Yea, but sagging is so pointless!" you said, a little annoyed. "Everyone says stuff about it too!"

Rolling his eyes, he pulled you closer to him. "You know it's cute when you're annoyed," David teased and you stuck your tongue out, not moving to look at him.

"You could buy belts," you mumbled, drawing circles on his chest.

"y/n, I'll buy some fucking belts if that'll make you happy," David chuckled, pulling you even closer to him.

"You better, or no more kisses," you threatened. Suddenly, you were shoved off David to lay on your back and David had you trapped with him on top of you.

"Oh yea?" David grinned.

"That is not fair!" you whined, turning your face away from David's gaze.

"I won't sag my pants anymore," he said, trying to get your attention. "I promise," he added.

"Pinky promise?" you asked, turning back to look at him.

"We can go to Target in a little and I'll buy a bunch of belts," he said. "But, I wanna cuddle and take a nap first."

"No, we gotta go now, otherwise you won't," you said, looking right at him.

"Babe, please, we haven't been able to be alone and in quiet like this in almost two weeks," he basically whined. His eyes turned from their happy state to a pleading look.

"Fine, but only because you know I can't say no to cuddles," you mumbled, giving in to his request. Out of happiness, and wanting to truly win the fight, David pressed a kiss to your lips. "David! I said no kisses," you whined, yet again losing to him. David rolled onto his back and pulled your body with him.

"But I said we would go to Target in a little so then no more sagging," he explained, with a smile. "And you can't expect me to not kiss you. You're so cute and you're in my sweatshirt and it's like you're basically asking me to kiss you," he continued explaining, as you looked up at him with a smile.

"Can you just stop sagging so then I don't have to threaten you with no kisses? Because that sucks for me too," you mumbled, pouting at him.

"Or, I could just stop wearing pants, and then no sagging," David smirked, teasingly.

"David!" you laughed, as you cuddled further into him.

"And you could not wear pants too, so it won't be as weird you know," David continued, with a huge grin on his face.

"Shut up," you giggled, laying your head down on his chest.

"I'm serious! We could be a power couple with no pants," he laughed as you looked at him with no emotion, as you were trying to cuddle him.

"Maybe if you stop sagging, I won't wear pants as a reward," you sarcastically commented.

"Deal," David grinned, scrunching his nose at how big he was smiling.

"That's not what I meant," you groaned, closing your eyes.

"Too late, can't take it back," David said while his hand went to pull the blanket higher up on you.

"You're a dork," you mumbled, cuddling closer to him.

"Or you could take your pants off now so I shut up," David continued with his ridiculous joke, with some seriousness.

"David," you grumbled, trying to take a nap.

"Fine, we'll talk about it after we nap," David sighed, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

"I'm not taking my pants off," you mumbled.

"You say that now, but you know you can't yourself around me," David laughed

Your eyes remained closed as you said, "David."

"Yes, baby?" he asked.

"Shut up," you mumbled, causing him to chuckle.

"Goodnight, baby," he said, kissing your forehead again and wrapping his arms tightly around you. Internally, you shook your head because what started off as being somewhat serious, turned into a conversation with David wanting you to take you pants off. Boy was he something else.

a/n: i have no idea what i wrote and honestly not sure if this is what you wanted but ya that 's what i got ://

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