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a/n: this gif of david is so yummmy don't even at me

summary: you're at a kickback with the vlog squad and david gets a little jealous.  

word count: 1961

A normal night of the guys vlogging turned into an invitation to a party. Of course, David became excited at the offer, the guys sober was some good content, but the guys intoxicated was even better content. After some convincing, David got everyone to agree to going, then his eyes landed on you.

"Are you going, y/n?" he asked.

Your body was laid on the couch, as you debated. Although you were not 21, you were often invited to the kickbacks and parties. "I don't know," you shrugged. David seemed somewhat relived as he let out a breath. "What was that for?" you questioned, a little offended.

"Uh, nothing," David shrugged, trying to play it off.

"C'mon, y/n, just come," Todd said. Then everyone else joining in.

"Fine," you groaned, pushing yourself off the couch. Usually, you would decline the offer since the parties they attended were usually insane, but with everyone screaming for you to go, you had to give in. Everyone cheered as you peeled yourself off the couch and headed towards Kristen and Scotty's room to grab your bag of clothes and change quickly from your leggings to jeans and a tank top. You trudged back towards the living room to see everyone standing and David with camera in hand.

"Baby, you look yummy!" Zane yelled with a smile as you walked in.

"I love you, Zane, but I'm so tired," you murmured, going to hug him with a little blush.

"Let's go get some alcohol in you then, baby girl!" Heath exclaimed as everyone cheered in response. Everybody filed out of the house and you were ushered towards David's car. You began to climb in the back until you realized there was no room and moved towards the passenger seat. Flash after flash lit up the car, blinding you and they all cheered and chanted loudly, causing David to laugh loudly. You glanced over to him with a small smile.

"Why didn't you want me to come?" you asked, just loud enough for him to hear.

David chewed on his bottom lip, focusing his gaze on the road. "I just-I don't know the people there and I don't want you to, I don't know," David rambled aimlessly.

"Um, okay?" you responded, unsure of what his answer meant. "I didn't really want to come," you mumbled, feeling a little hurt by him not being able to even make an excuse. Your eyes glanced over to him to see him gulp, nervously. For the rest of the ride, you sat quietly as Zane, Heath, Corinna and Todd jammed out in the back, creating occasional laughter from David. Once you arrived and David found a parking spot, you rushed out of the car. As everyone hopped out, Heath took a deep breath before saying:

"I can smell the horrible decisions I'm about to make from here." You giggled slightly before wrapping an arm around Heath and him doing the same.

"I'm ready for a drink, or ten," you mumbled as you walked towards the party.

"Atta, girl," Heath grinned as everyone followed you both into the party. The initial reek of must and weed hit your nostrils, causing you to make a slight face of disgust. You all maneuvered through the crowd and towards the alcohol. Without another thought, you through the bottle of alcohol back, letting the clear substance burn down your throat. Before you knew it, cameras were pointed towards you and flash was pouring through the room.

"Jesus, babe, slow down," Zane laughed, grabbing the bottle from your hand as you scrunched up your face. From the corner of your eye, you saw David grabbing a bottle himself and chugging some other alcohol that was set up on the counters. After a couple more passing of the bottle, alcohol wasn't just flowing through you, but was felt through every inch of you. Throwing your head back, you laughed loudly before looking towards everyone. The pit of sadness in your stomach was long forgotten.

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