sweet escape

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a/n: im in love w david that is all, enjoy!

summary: david surprises you like the cute fuck he is.  

word count: 1928

Alone time was a foreign concept to yours and David's relationship. Most time was spent with the vlog squad and various other friends of David. Since David didn't have an average job, he had to be focused at almost all times, so alone time was basically nonexistent. Not that either of you cared, as long as you were with one another, you were beyond happy. It had been almost two months of dating, even though it felt much longer. David had to invest a lot of time into his videos, not that you minded in the slightest since he still spent almost every waking moment he could with you. So, today when David said you needed to pack a suitcase by the end of the day, you were a little confused. He hadn't told you of any trips and when you asked the guys about it, assuming it was a big business trip that included everyone, they said they had no idea what you or David were talking about. David was out for the day and as you packed, you continued to text him, asking him why you needed to pack. Your text tone temporarily halted your packing. David had finally replied.

david 💘: Baby, stop asking questions and just trust me and pack. Pack warm tho.

That was all that was sent to you to answer your questions. Rolling your eyes, you continued packing until you had finished packing a whole suitcase. You sprawled out on your bed and awaited more information from David until finally, you received a call from the man himself. Clicking answer, you were met with David laughing and a little bit of background noise.

"Hey, baby," he greeted and you could practically hear his smile through the phone. As much as you wanted to be annoyed with him for not answering any of the many questions you asked, you couldn't help but smile yourself.

"David, can you please give me more information?" you pleaded only for him to laugh more.

"Do you have everything you need?" he asked, giddily. Mentally, you went through everything you need and visualized what you packed before replying:

"Yes," with a sigh.

"Then come outside with everything, please," he said before adding. "Okay bye, baby." Then, he hung up. Groaning, you grabbed your bags and headed out of your apartment. Once you could see David, he was stood outside of his Tesla, but Jason was in the drivers seat. This only added to your confusion. David laughed at your reaction with his camera in hand, pointed to you.

"David," you whined as you approached him.

"Hi, baby," he smiled until you were close enough for him to wrap his arms around your waist and give you a sweet kiss. You pouted in this kiss and slouched your body against his.

"Are you going to tell me anything else?" you asked, your desperation for answers dripping in your tone. David grinned.

"Nope," he smiled, before pressing his lips to yours for another quick kiss. He grabbed your suitcase from you and put it in his car. After he opened your door, and you climbed in, looking at him with pouty lips and big eyes. He gave you one more grin before shutting the door and getting into th passenger side.

"Hello, y/n," Jason grinned from the driver's seat.

"Jason, do you know what's going on? Will you tell me you?" you asked with a begging undertone. David fixed his camera on the dashboard and couldn't hold in his laughter.

"Nope! Not happening! I've been sworn to secrecy," Jason said, avoiding your gaze. You groaned loudly.

"Smile, baby, you're on camera!" David grinned, turning back to look at you.

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