kickback pt. 2

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a/n: so idk if this exactly what the anon meant when they requested this butttttt this is what i did okay

summary: the after party of the party where david and reader got together

word count: 1588

After what felt like hours, everyone was finally rounded up and heading towards the car. David's hand held yours tightly as he weaved through the crowd. Keeping up with his long legs was a struggle and before you knew it, your hand had slipped out of his and you were left in the mass of bodies. Obviously, you're a big girl and not a toddler and it wouldn't be too hard to find your way back. Or so you thought. Somehow, the party grew at least four times from earlier. Almost every inch of the house was plastered with bodies. Between being compressed in the mass of people, the pounding of music, the vibrating of the house, and the alcohol still running through you, you whimpered and tried to find the nearest wall to stand against. Being short had once again failed you since most of the people there were men.

As you reached a wall, a hand gripped your waist and roughly pulled you to them. It wasn't David, or anyone you knew. Weakly, you told the unknown man to let go. When he didn't, you could feel your heart race quicken.

"Let go!" you screamed, wriggling away from him. The man kept a firm grip on you and kept your body against them. Your feet stomped on the ground hoping to step on his foot harshly so you could slip away. Finally, after what felt like hours, you heard the guy wail and you slipped out of his grip and pushed quickly through the people to put as much bodies in between you and the guy. Suddenly, a hand grabbed your own and you turned to see David standing above you. Exhaling you flung yourself against him and David guided you out of the party. The air hit your body and you couldn't help but whimper.

At the sound, David turned to you and held you close to them as you gripped his body. "Are you okay?" he asked softly, as he leaned down.

"Yea, this guy just grabbed me and wouldn't let go and it just shook me up a little," you whispered and continued to hide your face into his chest. At your words, David pulled away to examine your face.

"Did he do anything? Are you hurt?" he asked, worriedly. His hand gently caressed your cheek as he looked all over your body and face for any signs of harm.

"No, I'm okay, just was scary because I also couldn't see you or anyone else," you responded, rubbing your own hand against his. "Can we just go?" you asked, looking up at him.

"Of course," he responded, but stayed staring at you. "Do you want to, uh stay at mine?" he asked, nervously. You nodded, smiling shyly at him. After a couple more seconds of him looking over every inch of you he let his hand fall to your own and held your hand. Once you reached his car, you saw Scotty in the front seat. David pulled you towards the far back seat and let you lay your head into his lap. Once you had buckled up and the car was in motion, David's fingers shakily and awkwardly wove themselves through your hair gently. Zane was screaming about something as were a couple of the rest, who were completely piss drunk. You and David sat quietly in the back. Scotty rode around dropping people off until he reached David's house where his own car was. David climbed out quickly and you followed, lazily and nervously.

"Hey, y/n," Scotty grinned, looking between you and David. A flush took over your whole body as David unknowingly leaned closer to your body. "You two be safe tonight," he laughed and threw a quick wink your way before climbing into his own car after he gave David the key. Your head was light and everything was a little blurry. David locked his car before taking your hand and leading you into his house. Both of you kicked your shows off and David padded towards his room, you following slower behind. Once you reached his room, you saw him hold a t shirt out to you.

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