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a/n: so my boyfriend is at work till like 10:30ish and i have nothing else to do so i'm just writing imagines to fuel my soul and inner feels. also this gif is the cutest thing and i am so in love BYEEEE
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REQUEST: Could you do an imagine that the reader and David are pregnant or just had a baby but instead of just one baby they have twins? I just watched the Allure video again and seeing David hold both babies at once made me realize I need this. You're such a great writer by the way!

summary: you are pregnant with twins and you and david have some practice with twins.

word count: 1232

From the second you found out you were pregnant, David was filled with joy and excitement. When you found out you were pregnant with twins, the happiness remained but the nerves heightened. David was not as fearful as you, but you both had feelings of worry. Of course you both wanted to be the best parents, so two was slightly scary. Recently, David had done an Allure video and had two twins in his arms. After that moment, he was beyond cheerful and excited, even more than before. Somewhat, he found a peace of mind after seeing those two babies and was less nerve racked. You on the other hand were a bundle of nerves. David tried to give you soothing words, but you still continued to worry.

This is when he had the idea to practice with two babies. He had offered the idea to you and you said that was crazy and slightly weird. He continued to insist on you both doing it. After about a week of you talking about this, you caved. David knew someone with recently born twins and with you only being in your third month of pregnancy, he thought now would be the best time. David had planned you two to come over and to play with them. Their parents were happy to have a day out together and happily accepted the offer for you both to watch them. Now was the moment you drove over.

"David, this is weird," you mumbled, with worry. For you, this was not putting you at ease, but causing more worry to form.

"Baby," he said, sweetly. His hand held yours as he continued to drive. "You're going to hold them both and realize that this will all be okay. You are going to be the best mom," he continued, kissing the back of your hand at a stoplight. He knew that this made you more nervous. If you worried in general, you would not have to confront the worry.

"I just want to be good to them both. One didn't seem too bad, but two? How are we going to tell them apart and take care of two at once time?" you asked, gulping as worry flooded you.

"y/n, calm down," he said, squeezing your hand, sweetly. "There are little baby bracelets you can put on the that are safe. There are two of us. One for each baby. And yes, I will be here a lot for you and our beautiful babies." The calm in his voice soothed you. After a deep breath, you smiled at him. The next couple minutes were spent listening to the music through the car speakers and a comfortable silence.

"I love you," he said as he pulled up to the house. "So much, y/n," he whispered, letting his hand come up to rub your cheek. David slowly leaned into to press a gentle kiss to your lips. "And you are going to be an amazing mom."

"I love you so much, David," you replied, smiling at him. With that, he let go of your hand and rushed over to your car door to help you climb out. His hand held yours firmly as you both headed towards the door. He knocked politely and within a couple seconds, the door was thrown open.

"Hi!" she grinned. "I'm Jess!" She stuck her hand out and you shook hers.

"I'm y/n," you smiled. David looked down at you with a loving smile as you giggled.

"Come in!" she welcomed, both of you followed through the door and she shut it behind you. You both were in the living room and saw her husband holding one of the twins. She cooed at her dad as he rocked her in his arms and you could feel yourself exhale your worry.

"Babe, this is y/n," she introduced you and he smiled over to you, kindly.

"Hello! I'm Kyle," he greeted, standing up with his daughter still in his arms. "This is Allison and Lucy is over there, in her rocking chair." Your eyes trained on the baby a couple feet away as she looked up at the figures over her head. Your heart warmed at the sight of both of them.

"David said you two were expecting twins," Jess spoke, as she tidied up a little. You nodded, smiling nervously. "Look, don't be worried! You're going to worry now, but once you have them in your arms and they are here, everything will fall into place and you will know what to do," she smiled, with warm reassurance. "I was just as nervous as you, but once Kyle and I held them both, everything was just right."

"I just want to be a good mom," you admitted, feeling David wrap an arm around your shoulders to pull you into his side.

"The fact that you're worried about that just shows you will be," she smiled. "So we're just going to grab lunch so we'll be back in an hour or two. It'll give you time to see it's not too bad and for your mother complex to come out," she added as Kyle began to hand Allison over to you, making your heart melt at the sight of her sweetly going into your arms. She cooed loudly and gave a small little smile, taking your breath away.

"She's beautiful," you murmured, looking at her tiny hands and body.

"Thank you," he responded, grinning. "They are super sweet. Thank you for watching them."

"No, thank you for letting us watch them," David smiled, as he looked down to look at the tiny human in your arms. They waved you both goodbye before heading out the door. Slowly, you sat down on the couch and held the little angel in your arms. Your finger gently came to her hand and she wrapped her tiny little fingers around your finger.

"Oh my gosh," you whispered, smiling down at her. David scooped up Lucy and came to sit next to you on the couch.

"I told you once you held a baby, you would feel okay," David smiled, looking up from Lucy and staring at you, grinning. Both of the babies cooed and let you hold them happily. David's other hand came to rest on your protruding belly and rubbed gently.

The two hours went by so quickly, it felt like minutes. Both you and David tended to their every need and held them majority of the time. The whole time, David would look at you and grin. Your eyes were on David a lot too, watching him care for both and smile at them and talk to them. Every bit of you felt at ease with him by your side. When it was time for you to say goodbye, you looked down at them both with a happy smile. After the goodbyes, you both headed to the car. Once you were sat in the car, your hands grabbed his cheeks and pulled your lips to his.

"I love you so much. Thank you," you whispered, smiling at him.

"You are going to be the best mom, y/n," he said, looking at you with admiration and love. "I love you so much."

"And you are going to be the best dad ever," you responded, rubbing his cheek gently.

"I cannot wait to see both of our babies and start our family with you," he smiled so big, it took up almost his whole face. His face leaned over to kiss your lips and then your belly.

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