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a/n: thank u anon for requesting this bc im soft and in love now.

summary: david does a prank and you get hurt and gets soft

word count: 1417

Everything David did was all in good humor. Nothing was ever meant to harm anyone ever. David wanted good content, but not at the cost or harm of anyone else. So, every time a prank idea rolled around, he always went to the best, most trustworthy, safest person or route. David always did lengthy research and called around to find someone who would be educated, or went to someone he had gone through prior. Even though everyone had a dread towards David's blindfolding bit, they ultimately obliged because he would not harm anyone. Luckily, you had escaped all the blindfolded surprises, until today. It was mentioned by the suggestion when Zane was asked to lay down.

"What about y/n? She's never had to do this shit!" Upon Zane's words, David took his lip and chewed on it, debating the suggestions. You stared at David with big eyes, causing David to immediately dismiss the idea.

"No, Zane, c'mon!" he exclaimed.

"Nah, I ain't doing that shit. You're crazy," Zane said, sassy, with the camera pointed to him. Groaning, David looked towards you, continuing to debate his options.

"y/n, will you?" he asked, continuing to chew on his bottom lip. Gulping, you were unsure of what to say. You were beyond conflicted, part of you was melting and wanted to say yes just for David, but the other part of you wanted to scream no in fear. "Please," he begged, jutting out his bottom lip.

After a sharp inhale, you responded, "Fine."

"Thank you!" he grinned. "Come on!" Sighing, you followed him. He pointed his camera towards you. "Alright, lay down, y/n," he instructed, focusing his camera on you. Uneasily, you found your place on the ground, and looked up to David with worry in your eyes.

"I'm not sure if I want to do this now," you mumbled, feeling your body tense in anticipation.

"Aww," David laughed, with a feeling of regret. He couldn't believe that you were doing this, and he was debating calling it off. "It's too late!" he exclaimed, placing one of his shirts on your head.

"David," you whimpered.

"It's okay! Just stay still," David said and you closed your eyes. Your eyes clamped shut as something was placed on your body.

"David!" you screamed, only for him to give you some more words of encouragement. A couple more things were place on you and you were then told to remove the t shirt. Hesitantly, you pushed the shirt off your face. Instantly, you felt your stomach drop. There, four snakes slithered on your body. A scream raked through your body as pure fear overtook you.

"Get them off!" you cried out, whimpering as tears pricked at the edge of your eyes. David's laughter died down as he saw more than fear in your eyes, but complete terror. As one slithered on you and towards your arm, you jerked your arm away, causing it to hiss. You screamed and cried out in pain as the snake sunk its teeth into your arm. That's when panic took over David's state. His camera was thrown on the couch and he rushed over to you. The snake kept his teeth latched onto your arm and you screamed in pain as everyone ran into the room. The guy who owns the snakes began to take them off on you and David knelt next to you.

"I'm sorry, y/n," he said, panic flooding through all of them. Your head began to spin and your eyes looked towards him. Someone dialed 911 after David screamed for someone to and began to explain the situation until finally, they were told they'd be on the way. The snake was taken off your arm and your eyes closed. A dizzy feeling took over you as David screamed your name and continued to flood you with apologies until everything went black.

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