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a/n: wow i needed some angst asap so here we go. MY FEELS BOUTTA HURT!

REQUEST: hello love! i literally was up until 2am last night reading ur fics! all amazing :) I was wondering if you'd do an imagine with David Dobrik where the two of you are dating and during the lie detector test someone asks him if he still loves liza ?? u can pick if he lies or not! but basically the answer is yes and ur really hurt?? thank u!!

summary: david takes the lie detector test and some unresolved feelings arise.

word count: 1790

Falling for David was easy. There was no thought to it. No control over it. What you felt for David consumed you and when his feelings matched yours, it was the most surreal feeling. After a couple months of being together, you two were at a peak of happiness. Or that's how you felt at least.

Today was the day of the lie detector test. For you, there were no nerves. What could they ask you if you were even asked? Nothing that wouldn't have been known. Your body was laid out on the couch comfortably as the equipment was being set up. David was off somewhere unknown and you curled on the couch, letting your eyes rest. Before you knew it, it was time for the actual fun. As everyone filed in, you sat up. David flopped down next to you, laying his head on your shoulder. Instinctively, your fingers ran through his hair, scratching his scalp gently.

"You're the best," he murmured, closing his eyes as you continued. Smiling, you pressed a kiss to his forehead. The man ran through the procedure and everyone was rotated through. There were a lot of laughs and noises made in response to answers. You laughed along to them. Then, it was your turn. Awkwardly, you pushed off the couch and came to sit in the seat. Once you were strapped in, you took a deep breath. A nod was given to signal Jason to begin.

"Is your name y/n?" Jason asked.

"Yes," you giggled. After a couple moments the man said correct.

"How old are you?" Jason asked.

"Your/age," you responded. Again, the man said you were telling the truth.

"How long have you and David been dating?" Jason questioned, making you laugh quietly

"A little over two months," you responded, not sure of the exact time frame. Again, you told the truth.

"Did you ever have a crush on any of the other Vlog Squad members?" he asked, looking down at you. A small flush came over your cheeks. When you first became friends with the group, you and Todd were very close. He was who you gravitated towards. It was the tiniest crush because, he is beyond attractive. Nothing ever happened, and you never really wanted it to.

"Crush as in like silly middle school feelings?" you wanted clarification of the wording before you admitted one way or the other. Jason thought about it before nodding.

"Yes," you blushed, feeling your heart rate increase.

"True," the man said casually. A chorus of "ooo's" broke out and your eyes came to look at David. His jaw had tensed a little bit. He looked irritated.

"Who?" Jason asked. Even though that was not how the lie detector worked, you answered without hesitation.

"I had a crush on Todd for like a week when I first started hanging out in the group, but I didn't ever want anything with him," you replied honestly. By the calm in your voice, and flush of your body, it was known you were telling the truth. Todd laughed loudly, throwing his head back as David gave a slight glare towards him.

"I can't tell you that's true based off the test itself, but her persona would suggest she's being honest," he said, with a small smile. You looked back at David with a small smile and he puckered his lips in a kiss manner. Smiling, you looked back to Jason.

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