The Oarers of the Past

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It was an eerie night, but that was okay, because Ronnie was an eerie person.

Murmuring under her breath, she seemed to be reciting a series of enchantments of sorts, maybe even a curse. No one could ever tell what exactly she was saying, as she never actually spoke. Her speech was merely a chain of mutters and murmurs, and unable to understand to even to the best ears. Perhaps this was because she talked quietly, everyone who met her thought.

They didn't know that it was because she spoke a completely different language. A language that had long ago been lost to the past, devoured by the growing age of simplicity. No more complex words. People had simplified the world, pulling out the complexities by the root, and the language of the Oarers had long been gone.

Except for Ronnie. Simply put, Ronnie was unlike anyone you'd ever imagine in even your wildest dreams. A ghost, a fairy, a vampire, all the creatures that our world uses to explain the unexplainable today...all of them were based on others like her. But they had been destroyed, and she had lived on, against all odds. And now she only had one option, one impossible option, one that would ultimately destroy her, but would ensure the continuation of her kind. The continuation of peace.

The continuation of the world as we know it today.


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