Chapter 7

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"Gilgamesh! You can't catch me~!" The figure giggled while twirling around every now and then.



"I will have you one way or another Gilgamesh!" said a feminine wicked voice.



Blood covered the grounds as the figure looked at the golden king with teary eyes.





Naruto shot up in bed panting. He sighed deeply. "Those memories again huh?" he looked at the sunrise through his window.

"I should get ready." Naruto slowly got out of his bed. As he walked towards the kitchen, golden light covered his body when it disappeared his clothing had changed to a simple open shirt showing his chiseled chest while wearing his usual accessories. (A/N: like the picture below)

 (A/N: like the picture below)

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When he was done eating he put the dishes in the sink and walked out of his house towards the designated meeting place.

"Good, you're here but why are you wearing that." Kakashi pointed at Naruto's unusual clothes that were in no way related to ninja clothing.

"Do you have a problem with my attire mongrel?" said Naruto as he raised an eyebrow at him.

Attire?! thought team seven except Naruto.

Kakashi sighed. "Anyway, you can go to the exams now."

They nodded and started walking towards the exam area.

"Did you get the money mongrel?" said Naruto as he looked at the smirking Uchiha.


"What the?! Why did you rob Kakashi sensei?!" Sakura shouted.


"Hurry up mongrel, or I'll leave you behind."

Sakura's eyebrows twitched.

"Why are you going up? This is the floor for the exam!" said Sakura.

"Surely you have noticed the pitiful illusion girl." said Naruto.

"Eh?" Sakura looked again. "Ah, o-of course I have. Eheheh..."

"Hn." said Sasuke.

Naruto ignored Sakura and continued going up to the right floor when he reached the right floor he was stopped by a genin wearing green spandex with weird eyebrows.

"I am Rock Lee will you go out with me beautiful?" said Lee as he took Sakura's hand in his.

"No way!" Sakura shouted as she stepped away.

Lee looked at the two boys standing behind Sakura. "Fight me!"

"No." said Sasuke bluntly.

"Get lost mongrel!" said Naruto as he held a sword on the taijutsu user's neck as he glared coldly at him with his crimson eyes.

A shiver went down Lee's back. "H-Hai."


When the doors to the exam hall opened, everyone looked at the newcomers. They looked at the blonde who was sneering at them. Killer intent hit the blonde. They expected him to be scared; the blonde however only smirked and released his own killer intent that made everyone fall to their knees including a certain someone.

"Hmph, weak." said Naruto.

"You might not want to anger them." said a silver-haired ninja.

"Hoh? And who are you to talk mongrel?!" 

Kabuto's eyebrows twitched at the insult.

"Gilgamesh...." said a smooth silky voice. Naruto looked towards the voice. His eyes widened in disbelief when he saw a familiar green-haired woman.

En-Enkidu? He mumbled.

Enkidu smiled gently.

"And what about Naruto Uzumaki?" said Kiba.

When Kabuto picked up the card to read it was suddenly pierced by a sword. Everyone looked at the sword which disappeared quickly and then turned their eyes towards the person responsible. They shivered at the blonde's crimson eyes which were fixed on the informant. Kabuto sweated at the blonde's cold crimson eyes which were glaring down at him.

"Do not meddle in people's life mongrel!" said Naruto while glaring at Kabuto.

"Is it just me or is Naruto more pissed off today?" Sakura whispered to Sasuke.

"Hn it's not just you." said Sasuke as he looked at his teammate.

"Alright, brats take your numbers and sit down!" Ibiki shouted.

How is it possible...she's dead! Naruto looked at Enkidu.

Enkidu giggled at his shocked face.

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