Chapter 2

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Next day...

Konohagakure Forest

The first thing that could be seen at the moment was, Tora, the eternal hell spawn, chained up in by the chains that were coming out of five rippled golden portals and an annoyed blonde looking at it with menacing red eyes.

"How dare this mongrel cause me to use Enkidu! I will end its existence right now!"

A single sword came out of a new golden ripple and Naruto got to the position to decapitate the cat. Even though Kakashi hated it with every fibre of his being, he just couldn't let it die because it belonged to the Daimyo's wife.

"Wait a second! Let's just take it to the Hokage without injuring it. Okay?"

Naruto narrowed his eyes at kakashi who flinched. He looked at it with cold eyes. " grateful mongrel for I have decided to let you live your pathetic existence!" Naruto simply walked away without looking back.

Hokage's office

A few minutes later the cat was being suffocated to death. Naruto simply smirked with satisfaction and a little of amusement. "This is the best way for it to die. I, thank you for stopping me from killing it, Kakashi. Suffocation is much better suited for it. Its death should be slow and painful."

Everyone flinched at his smirk.

After the Daimyo's wife left, the Hokage looked at the missions which were on his desk. "Alright, we got cleaning Mr. Kenyo's house, cutting the tree's of Miss Suki's house, changing the...

"I refuse doing mundane chores! A king is not one to do chores his servants do! Give us a real mission now!"

Kakashi sighed in defeat.

"Alright, here's a C-Rank mission escort to wave country. Bring in Tazuna."

A drunk old man entered the room drinking sake. He looked at them. "Huh? This is my protection detail? A weak fangirl who will faint at the face of blood by the looks of it, a duckbutt and a model?" said Tezuna.

A sword pierced next to his head. Watch how you speak, mongrel! You dare insult a king?! I shall have you beheaded for this!" he said as the sword faded into golden glitters.

"Now, now. We won't get paid if we kill him now, Naruto." said Kakashi as he sweated nervously.

"Hn, I agree we can kill him later." said Sasuke.

"That's not what I meant!" said Kakashi.

Naruto simply ignored Kakashi. "I see that's better alternative." he nodded and smirked. His smirk sent chills run down Tezuna's spine. "We shall see how we deal with you, mongrel."

Somewhere Outside Fire country

As soon as the demon brother's took care of the so called sensei of the Genin team they looked towards the boy who looked like a noble pretending to be a ninja. They both agreed to teach him to quit Shinobi life. However, before they knew what was happening they were pierced through with swords that came out of two golden portals besides the blonde. They disappeared after it hit them but the wound afflicted on them both remained.

Naruto looked at the 'client' and narrowed his eyes at him."Now I suggest you speak of what's going on or I will have to shorten your miserable life much faster."


Tezuna told them all about Gato and his hold on the wave country. when he finished he looked at the raven haired kid that was showing some sort of document to him."You will have to sign a written apology." Sasuke showed him the pre-written document with a pen. "Sign here and here."

Tazuna quickly signed the apology letter believing it to be enough to satisfy the Genin who would have to look after him with his life. As soon as he signed, Sasuke quickly snatched the scroll and put it away.

"You're an idiot! Didn't your parents tell you to always read before you sign something?!" said Sakura.

"What!" Tazuna looked at Sasuke.

"Hn, your house now belongs to me. Thank you for your cooperation." said Sasuke as he simply walked towards kakashi who by this time has come out of hiding.

"Wait a second!" Tezuna shouted in outrage.

Kakashi sighed at his Genin's antics. "So what do you think, want to continue the mission?"

"The mission is now B-Ranked correct?" said Sasuke as he looked at Kakashi with calculative eyes.


"Good. That mean that you'll pay us bonus when we are finished. We'll discuss payment plan in my new house."

"I really hate you." said Tezuna defeatedly.


"I'll go as long as Sasuke is." said Sakura.

Everyone turned to the remaining person. The blonde simply looked at them and smirked wider than his usual ones. A smirk that spoke of some plan that would be incredibly amusing or incredibly self gratifying

"So what's your condition, Naruto?"

"Wave must declare its subservience to me. I will defend my land in return." said Naruto.

Tezuna's eyebrow twitched. "You know what! Fuck it! As long as you destroy Gato, we'll accept. Though I'm not sure the rest will."

"Don't worry mongrel for they shall." he smirked as if knowing something that he didn't.

A spinning sword came towards everyone. If something was in the way of it, they would be torn apart however, the shocking thing was that the same sword was stopped instead of hitting the trees by the hand of a thirteen year old blonde.

"Hm...this is a very nice sword I think I'm going to keep it." said Naruto

"What the hell! Give me my sword!" said Zabuza.

Without so much as looking at him Naruto threw the sword into a golden portal. "Now die!" the air rippled behind him and ten golden portals opened each with different weapons. Naruto smirked and snapped his fingers.

The swords shot out to Zabuza while the said man was trying to avoid the rain of weapons coming towards him. As soon as the weapons would hit the ground they would instantly disappear. Three sinbons hit Zabuza and he fell down with a thud.

Naruto stopped his attacks and narrowed his eyes at the person standing in front of him.

"I thank you for weakening him. I shall see to his disposal." the figure disappeared as soon as he said that."

"Tch." Naruto narrowed his eyes at Tezuna. "Take us to your house mongrel!"

"H-Hai!" said Tezuna nervously.

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