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Ashley's. POV:

Its been whole 2 weeks of my high school, 2 whole weeks with those amazing girls. I still can't believe i have friends now, its not at all awkward when i am with them, infact I feel great with them. Our favourite place is 'Starbucks' and a restaurant called ' Jai hind'. We spend almost our whole day there, eating and talking to each other. They are all so different from each other. Everyone has different crazes: Nayla and Rita loves Bollywood, they are literally crazy about it, Mia is crazy about Everything related to anime, be it manga,cosplay everything , she loves Japanese and Korean movies too. Talking about movies, Marti loves action and thriller movies, actually she loves movies of every genre except horror, she literally scratches of the whole body of the person sitting next to her while watching a horror movie, Kharlie on the other hand is a typical gamer girl, she is always into games, technology. Laila is a mixture of everything, she loves dancing, singing(screaming ), drama everything. She is always laughing, smiling, chilled out girl, she is a happy soul but i am also aware of the fact that she is really broken inside, i don't know the reason yet but i can sense it. Oh, and everything is good between us now, i won't ever forgive her for that, that is why we always shares only a word or two, the best that i could do was to forget everything and i did.

Amongst the seven of us i was the only one to attend this geography class. Kharlie went to her literature club for some meeting and so did Laila on her drama club, Mia and Rita must be somewhere with their mates(separately). Nayla is preparing for her basketball match. I haven't decided which club to choose yet.Yes i am useless, shut up!

It really feels scary being surrounded by all the strangers, i know they won't eat me up or hurt me, they might be hardly aware of my existence yet it scares the shit out of me. I still don't believe that a person like me who totally suck at socialising had made some friends, really good friends. I don't feel as if I am over the moon or something, i feel as i was always with them , see, i am that comfortable with them.

The class was about to begin when a tall guy, with silvery white hair, wearing sweatshirt, and a plain grey pant entered the classroom. I stared at him for some minute, trust me when i say this: he is damn hot. I guess he caught me staring at him. His appearance is all that bad boy, not the kinda guy i am looking for, i prefer nerds so i moved my eyes to my book, The gone girl by Gillian Flynn. After a moment i was literally startled my a scent and then i found that guy sitting right next to me.
You know that moment when you had stared someone so passionately that he gave you a chance to take a closer look, is really embarrassing.
"Hey! Can i sit here?" A girl asked him. Well i am not listening to them willingly, she just screamed. Kidding. Hey. Wait. She is that girl from the canteen. Lol. The funny girl is back eh?
"Yeah, sure." Uh - ah a very manly voice he got. Plus point. Lol.
The teacher arrived and started her lectures so i wasn't able to hear there further conversation. Sad. Very, very, sad. A serious student i am.

While i contemplate about it, ermm, okay, its really sheepish , but he is cute and ermmm maybe just maybe, uhmm, i like him. No. No. No Ashley. The hell, you don't, shut up. Yikes.

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