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Don't get too stuck on what went wrong, there are always ways to solve them.

The 4 were girls that i was introduced were; first and the cutest of all Mia Brook. She was this typical anime kinda girl , she seems to be girl protagonist just came out of a manga. She was wearing a floral print black dress with matching white floral print shoes, her two fish braids totally suiting her fair skin and her non -lipstick red lips. The second was this curly haired  Rita Sherock girl little taller than Mia. She had this nerd kinda look 'girl with spectacles' with a fringe in her hair she looked beautiful . The third one,  Marti Mandelin, she was the shortest of all  . Her fair skin with long hairs, light blue shining eyes, the body. She is master piece.  The fourth?  Laila.  Well she doesn't really need any description , now does she?.

After some lectures to be precise torturous lectures, everyone went to the canteen except me and Rita as our pee(s) were about to come out, so we decided to accumulate again at the canteen.

On our way returning from the pee room a.k.a wash room , a guy pulled Rita's hand so that their bodies were now glued to each other. His one hand on her waist and second one, still holding her hand. I saw Rita's face , her face was all red now, she was on her real blush mode. He then murmured something in her ears and then both of them smiled at each other.  As all this was getting really awkward and puckish for me, i cleared my throat very loudly.
"Oh, arrgghh, Ashley." They finally were now an inches far from each other.
"Meet my boyfriend,  Manuel Kidman. And baby meet this beautiful fella here, Ashley Nyo".
"Hey, nice to meet you Ashley."
"Same here." And we both smiled at each other.
Manuel kidman, a tall guy not that tall, not too fair nor swarthy,  the perfect complexion that most of the human craves for. He had this all cool , fun guy kinda vibe which i really like.
"I got to go babe. Bye!" Rita said after a short sweet kiss. And parted their paths (just for 2 more hours).

"So Ashley? You liked him?"
" Yes i actually did. He has a great personality.  You two look really good together. "
"Thanks a lot babe. Hey can i call you Ley?"

"Ley? Lol. Why Ley?"
" I guess everyone calls you Ash, or Ashley right?  So Ley is short and unique. "
" okay. Ley?" We both laughed.
" Ley sounds lil strange eh?" She asked.
"Lil creepy too." We chortled.

"Ok. What about Lee? Ley- Lee. You get it?"
"Yeah. That's good." I smiled at her.
"Ok, deal i'll call you Lee from now
"And i'll call you Rita from now on." Snort.
This time she laughed her ass out.
Now that i ponder about it, i should give her a nickname. Errmm. Ri?  No. Ta?  Good lord, No. Rit? Bleugh. Ita? Haha. Ash, shut up. Rita is fine, actually great.

"Lee? Tell me about your boyfriend now."

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*Hey peeps, sorry for the late update and again a short chapter. You all know how this evil exams are.
Ps:  What do you think Ashley's boyfriend will be like? Comment down. I need some feedbacks too. 
Pps: i would like to recommend you all a story.  "The secret" by Dragonfyre17. Its great.

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