Friend? who ? me?

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The first thing i did after i entered this classroom was placing my butt on the first sit i saw. I can hear voices no actually noises, these kids really proved that they really did evolved from monkeys. You can imagine right?

I took out a notebook from my backpack and suddenly felt a slight pat on my back, as i turned back i saw this girl , giving me a wide smile, wearing a high waist pant and a green cropped top, very comfortable in her Nike sneakers, with a very perfect high ponytail.

"Hey! I am Laila, nice to meet you"
After a short panic attack ,
"Hi! I am Ashley. Nice to meet you too."
" why are sitting here all alone? Come join us Ashley."
"No, it's okay. I am fine"
And she left. Was i rude? Why did she came to talk to me ? Sitting alone? She might be thinking i am mentally retarded? Us? Who us? Oh brother! Too much stress.

"Ashley?" Laila called.
"Yes?" Yes, kill me please.
"Can i sit with you for today?"
Holy shit!
"Ermm. Yeah, sure. Come."
"No problem "

~ ~ ~ Awkward silence ~~~

"So, no friends here?" Laila asked breaking the awkward silence.
"No. Haha. What about you? Any friends here?"
"Yes, a lot actually. My whole girl gang aren't present here today. Expert absentees they are. A day with all my guy pals will make me end up in a mental hospital. So here I am with my new friend. "
"Friend? Who? Me?"
"Yeah. Aren't we friends? "
We just met a few minutes ago, ddidn't  even exchanged the last name of each other, and we are friends.
" Yes, We are" Making a friend isn't that difficult than i thought it would be. I am happy. I guess i won't be 'friendship phobic ' from now on.
Will high school change me for good?

~  ~ ~ ~ ~  ~  ~ ~ ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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