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"All my boyfriends are either a fictional character or a celebrity. I don't have celebrity crushes, i have celebrity boyfriends except Ed, i am married to him now. " I said in a crowing tone . "

"Now don't tell me that you are relationship virgin."
"Unfortunately fortunate YES babe, i am waiting for that perfect moment when i will fall in love with an imperfectly perfect person who will love me perfectly."
"How will you identify your imperfectly perfect person?" She narrowed her eyes
"The person who will bring to me a zillion bars of kit kat."
She smiled and rolled her eyes. "

We reached canteen. I took a fiesta and Rita took zinger. As our eyes were searching for the girls , a girl literally collided with me making my fiesta fall and mind you, nobody dare messes up with my food, dare not.

"Are you blind?Oh god" she said in 'i need a punch rn' tone.
"No i ain't but now i regret not being one."
"Ugly bitch. Shut up!"
"What are you gonna do for a face when a Baboon wants his ass back?"i smirked
"My face?Look at yours. Ugly bitch!"
"Ugly?Well well, i'd love to sit here and insult you, but i am afraid, i wont do it as well as nature did."
"Do you know who i am?"she snapped her finger."Are you listening? "
"Yeah yeah, i am listening. It just takes me a minute to process so much stupidity all at once."Rita chuckled
"I'll remember this, your ugly face. Just wait bitch."
"Well its good to remember faces. I myself never do forget faces, but in your case, I'll be glad to make an exception."Rita laughed louder than a microphone voice.
"May you trip off the stairs bitch."
"May you have your laptop charged all day without noticing the chords being unplugged all the way." I said with a innocent smile.
With this she left with 3 girls behind her which i assume to be her minions.
When i said ugly, trust me i was lying. She was this perfect girl with a perfect everything. From her face cut to her long shiny hair, to her long legs. Everything so perfect.

"Bammm girl! You fucking nailed it. Oh lord! It was so fun!" I heard Rita's voice after a long 5 mins.
"Nobody messes with me food. Ughh I'll have to buy another one now. Please stick your feet to the floor for a minute, okay?"
"Haha, sure. Come quickly babe."
I winked.

We finally found the girls. They were done with their foods.
"So today, me and Jojo are going for our official first date. I am so excited." Mia said making her big blue eyes bigger.
"Hey, i guess we should someday go to a double or maybe a triple date. That'll be so fun! Or, ermm Ash? We can to a four-ple date too. That word exist right?."Nayla said looking at me with so much of hope.
"Ofcourse Nayla. But only if a boyfriend isn't necessary on that date." And we all laughed.

The strange part is, i am liking them. They are some good shit for sure.
Some goood shit is  important in your life eh?

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