first day to hell

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I always hated going to school like it disgust me to hell. Now i don't care about being in hell after death it couldn't be worse than school. And my parents are just so blithe about it. "Ashley?" my dad called
"Aren't you done yet ? I am getting late for work too."

After waving my  mom , both me and dad left. I was  looking out of the window on the passenger seat while my dad was on the driver seat for obvious reason. Is going to school really important? Like, i was born without my consent ,and now i have to go to school,study so that i can have good job to live a good life,really? I didn't noticed i was lost in my thoughts until my dad interrupted

"Are you okay princess? You seems to be lost."
"I am fine dad."
"C'mon,its just a high school. It couldn't be worse than my dressing sense, or is it?" Yeah my dad is very BAd at comforting people
"Its not about high school dad but the people,i hate meeting new people. They don't scare me for sure, they disgust me"
"C'mon princess you'll love your high school, just enjoy every moment of your high school days, okay? "
"Yes, dad."

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