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"Get up honey, you don't want to get late AGAIN, do you?"
Mom literally yelled in 'do want a candy' tone . Idk how she do it, but she did. Getting up is the toughest thing for me to do in the morning , this bed of mine attract me like a magnet and make me hug it so badly.
"It's so early in the morning mamma , let me sleep mamma, please." I pleaded
"So your 'early in the morning ' is 8:45?"
"I am snoring already,  it's not audible tho, good night. "
" You want me to kick you now, don't ya?" She does literally kicks me off my bed or drag me down and when she wants to go soft on me she just pull off my  blanket , turn on the fan at very high speed so that i am forced to get up of my bed and turn it off. Yeah, she is evil, but  unfortunately i love her, she is literally the example of how a strong woman look like. She has this long brown hair with light green eyes, cheeks always as red as an apple which looks so beautiful on her. But she is evil.

"Ash? Get up, now! "
"Arrrgghhh.. Fine mom."
"Why is your room always so messy?"
"So that if someone comes in and tries to kill me, they'll trip over something and die?" I said with a straight face.
"I want to see a spick  and span room when I'll get back from my work."
"YESSSSS!" I frowned.
Why is every mother so subjugating ,  oh brother! Usually when people disturb me when i am sleeping,  i go like, interrupt my sleep and I'll interrupt your breathing  but with my mom, i am like, wake up now or she'll make you sleep for eternity.

After i got threatened, i woke up, got freshened up, got dressed,  for today i chose a black knee ripped pant with a black boots and sleeveless light green top. Now, the thing in the morning that always sucks in all my freaking time and makes me end up getting late, 'my hair '. Arrggghhhh. To all the girls with short hair, you all are the toughest. Idk how my braids doesn't even look like  braids. Talent again.  I had run to my mom. No she ain't a stylish (unfortunately)  but she is a mom and like all other mother she is perfect at almost everything, Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Holy shit! I tripped off the stairs,  oh good lord! Why me?

"What was that noise?"
"My shirt fell down."
"Sounded heavier than a shirt to me."
"I was there in it when it fell down."
"Oh good lord! Come have your breakfast now."
"Mammmaaaa? Can you please do something with my hair? "
"Yeah, i can chop them off". My mom's sarcasm is to another level.
"Ugh. Mom. Please."
"Fine have your breakfast first."
"Good morning everyone."'s voice popped up. He was already ready for his work. Totally set grey hair, blue eyes , in blue suit, newspaper in one hand. I inherited my blue eyes from my dad, actually,  i inherited most of the things from my dad (laziness included).
"Morning dad." I greeted.
"Morning everyone , despite you, pig." My irksome brother galled.
"I am gonna pretend that you don't even exist monster truck look alike pig." I didn't had any comeback so this was the best that i could give.
My brother is a college student, tall , green eyed, grey haired, annoying human. Oh and i hate him.
"Idk why mom and dad adopted you , ugly duckling. " He is a freaking liar.
"Well atleast they wanted me. I wonder why they adopted you.That's really weird. Adopting an ugly brainless person." I smirked
I was getting prepared for his reply, but instead of spitting shit he actually laughed. Did i won?  I did, then why am i not getting that winner feeling.  Aarrghhh he always does that. Brainless, ugly... ermmm... tower?

                        * * * * * *

I reached school,  and the very first familiar face i saw was of Mia, smiling and waving at me. She was wearing a blue, lil silvery shining dress with a plain white heels. Her hair waved so perfectly. We walked to our classroom, talking and discussing about 'Yaoi'( these are really intense).
As we reached the classroom,  we spotted other girls with a new girl, her back facing us. As soon as Mia saw that girl she shouted " Kharlie", and then that girl turned, she is Kharlie, no i ain't repeating Mia. I know her, i know her very well, she is Kharlie, my childhood pal. We used to play all day long. We used to  play 'three musketeers', exchanged our collected stickers, watched horror movies together amd so on. oh, those days. Then on a very disheartened day she relocated , today is the first time i saw her after that day. I missed her. She still looks the same as she did 4-5 years ago(duh!), still skinny and beautiful. Does she still remember me?
Mia and Kharlie hugged, and then she turned her eyes to me and said "Ashley?" In a surprised tone.That word was like a candy, no, pizza to my ears. She recognised me.
"Kharlie.  Hey!" I said with a lil awkwardness.
"Hey! I missed you." She said while we both wrapped our arms around each other .
"I missed you more . Why did you shifted?"
"My father got a new apartment which was close to his office and my school as well. I didn't wanted to. I didn't made even one friend in my neighbourhood till now."
"Same babe. Only you were the person in our vicinity who could equally accident prone as me. How's sam?"  Sam is Kharlie's younger brother. He was really annoying, he always uses to be glued to us, i don't know whether he didn't had any friend or he liked playing with Barbie. We tried our best to get rid of him, we insulted him, scolded him but still he chose to play with us. I missed him too.
"Still annoying. " And we both laughed.
"So you guys know each other? " Layla asked.  Yeah she is still alive.
"Yes. She is my childhood sweetheart ." Kharlie said which really melt my heart.

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