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Getting late for school has always been 'my favourite talent' from all the other pile of  talents that i have. It is my guilty pleasure tbh.  I had to hastened across the campus as i continued this talent on my high school as well .

I didn't perceived we had that massive campus until today as i scuttled across the campus,  i can't afford getting late as i don't want everyone's gaze at me.

Finally after defeating  my imaginary Usain Bolt  i reached our hall, with no sign of any human being. Yes, i did requested for alien attack but not this soon god!.
As i gamboled the stairs, with a sigh of relief i spotted a lad or a late comer, walking just in front me, wearing a loose white Nike tee and a black pant, his Adidas shoes totally complimenting his look. His short shining silvery white hair hurting and attracting my eyes at the same time , walking so calmly with his earphone's on, i haven't seen that kinda calm walk in my whole life. Is he really late? I guess it's just his strategy to get saved from the aliens. I wasn't able to see his face as i was behind him. I whizzed past him and made it to my classroom. Good news? The professor hasn't arrived yet. I took my sit, breathed my lungs out, and took out my notebook.

I was drawing stick figures, this talent is also involved in the 'piles of talent' i mentioned earlier, then i saw Laila with 4 more girls next to her entering the classroom with no backpack,  i guess she went to the loo. Our eyes met and i smiled at her and in reply she rolled her eyes, yeah she really rolled her eyes and went past me like i was some kind of dipwad who is dieing for her attention . I was numb with shock. I was abashed really badly that is the reason why i don't usually do friends or initiate something, i am really scared of rejection.

The professor finally entered while i was in a dilemma that what should i eat for lunch and she interrupted me by spilling shits from her mouth , " i feel really feel bad thinking about our future as the future is in hands of students like you and flana flana". The past was in your hand and the nation still survived so there's no need to worry bitch , the inner me replied and i ignored both of them. After a very long half-hour she left.

The next class was in 10 minutes,  so i decided to sleep for a while and as soon as i put my head down on the desk i heard someone calling my name, as my head got up i saw a beautiful girl with very beautiful smile standing just in front me, wearing a pencil skirt a yellow half sleeved top, with pencil  silver heels. Her short dark black hair totally glorifying her whole body.

"Hi! Ashley right? "
" yes, hi!."
"Hey i am Nayla Ray, don't feel bad about that bitch, i heard from the seniors that almost every student has for once been targeted by her. "
" yeah. Thanks Nayla". I said with a very sweet smile.
"Come I'll introduce you to my pals."
"Ermm, pals? "
"Yes. Come, you'll love 'em.
"Umm, okay, sure. Let's go."
They were 4 girls, all totally engaged in talking to each other then my eyes were caught by a face ,someone whom i know , Laila.

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