Jessica's birthday (Part 1)

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"I'd hyperventilate if I still had lungs" Mike laid a hand against the wall, keeping himself up and staring at the ground,concerned by the bad news. Meanwhile Henry walked in circles around the living room "I knew something was wrong, I knew it! Maybe someone entered the place and brought him away thinking it was a normal animatronic" He paused "Maybe it was Mr. Flores himself!"

Michael watched him walk back and forth confusedly, resting his hand on his own hip as he furrowed his eyebrows "...Moved him? Henry, I don't think that-"

"I should have choked that man when I had the chance" Henry kept mumbling to himself.

"My father or Flores?"

He stopped for a few seconds before answering,only to look up then look towards the boy. "Both." He went back to walk around nervously.

"C'mon man, uh... Calm down. We're not even sure if he has something to do with it!" Mike retrained himself from mentioning the remnant 'Does he even know what that substance is capable of?'

"Who else could it possibly be? It's notdoore corpses walk on their own!"

Michael glared towards him and cleared his troath to get his attention.

"...Except one." Henry corrected himself. Then he adjusted his glasses even tho he didn't really need to, rolling and fixing his sleeves just to put them back after a few seconds, and exhaling constantly. When he was awfully worried, he couldn't think properly.

"Henry." Mike was ignored.

"Henry!" He called a second time, the man stopped again. "Take a seat and calm down." The boy stepped away from the wall and headed to the kitchen while Henry sat on the couch. After filling a glass of water from the sink, he walked back and handed it to him.

Henry set the glass down once he drank. "I'm sorry... How are you even so calm?"

"I'm not calm, I've just experienced this my whole life. But until we don't know what's really going on, it's better not to panick... It only makes things worse, especially for an old man like you"

"Hey, I'm not old!" He answered immeditaley, then paused "Maybe you're right, maybe it's...nothing we should worry about."

Of course, Mike was more than worried. He knew what was going on. And he also knew it was better for Henry not to worry, he had been through a lot already.

"I'm uh...going to the basement. I need to finish something."

Michael simply nodded as he watched Henry stand and walk away slowly. He then grabbed the empty glass of water and walked back to the kitchen to put it in the sink; His eyes laid on a note on the fridge,sourrounded by many others, for a few seconds -Jessica's birthday is on the 1st November. Don't miss the party!- Said the messy red words on the paper. Michael smiled to himself and grabbed his keys and a box, then headed back to his old apartment again to give his creation a quick update.

"So we have Jason, Sophia, Emily, Daniel and Nathan..." Suzanne counted while driving home with Jessica and Samuel after school, listing the guests of the party.

"You forgot Mike!"

The woman sighed softly but then smiled sweetly "And of course,Mike... Is that all,sunshine?" She looked at her daughter from the small mirror hanging in front of her.

She had a bright smile going from cheek to cheek "Mhm!"

Michael sat at his messy desk, the shiny pink animatronic sitting lifeless in front of him "Okay,Bonnet. I really need your help now... Please collaborate" He spoke sweetly as if she was actually listening before starting to work on his project, changing some wires here and there, modifying the a certain point, he even removed her eyes to upgrade them. He made a hole in the black part of the eye and connected a small camera behind it instead; In the lower part of the animatronic -where it was supposed to be empty- he gave her two small pairs of wheels to let her move freely even when no one was holding her. After repairing the voice box, he finally painted her again.

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