The set up

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"I'm going to take their place for one night. I need you to get his phone number and send him a message as the the boss. Refere him not to come to work tonight, can you do that?" Michael explained him.

Jeremy fidget with the roller of his mouse, biting his lips for a moment but then sighing and nodding. "I can try..."

"Perfect! Send me a text if you manage to do it, okay?"

"Whatever you say" The man smiled softly.

"I'll go now, thank you a lot for the help, I'm grateful!" He said, walking to the door "See you,Jeremy"


The bell of the door rang as it closed behind Michael.

When he arrived home, Michael found Mark and Jacob laying on the couch and watching some sports. The house was surprisingly cleaner than usually and judging from the exhausted look of the man and his son, he guessed that it was thanks to them. Mike closed the door carefully and smiled "Hey, are you two relaxing?" He asked. At that point they noticed him and sat up properly, Mark quickly rubbed his neck "Ah! Welcome back Mike!"

"Say, how's the house so clean? Did you do this?"

Jacob quickly answered instead of his father "Mhm! Me and dad wanted to thank you for letting us stay,so... Ta-daa!" He exclaimed happily.

"That's really sweet of you... You didn't have to! I'm sorry, I'll leave you be. Is Henry in the basement?"

"Actually, no. He went upstairs, he's been there ever since he got here. Why?"

"I need to talk to him." He said with a quick response "Have fun you two, if you need me just call" he said and walked past them, rushing to Henry's bedroom to check on him.

"Henry?" He asked and knocked.

There was no answer, just what seemed to be hurried steps back and forth the room. Mike stood there a few seconds, then knocked again. "Henry." Again, nothing. Until a voice, cracking, finally spoke "Just a moment!"

At the sound of his voice, Michael didn't hesitate to open the door slowly; He wasn't as respecting as Henry on the privacy side. When he looked around the room, the man was busy hiding something in the drawer, but in the moment he heard the door open he immediately closed it and turned around. "M-Michael... Welcome back!" He almost stuttered.

Without even saying hi, the first he asked was out of concern "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I was doing stuff" He quickly answered. Furrowing his eyebrows, Michael started to look around the room in a try to understand whatever was making Henry so nervous. Other than several pictures of Charlie Missing from the shelves, he saw an empty glass bottle rolling on the floor. He approached it.

"Mike, wait-"

But the boy didn't listen. He simply picked it up and turned it only to see that as he thought, it indeed was alcohol.

"Michael, that's an old one, it's really not what you think"

"How many?" Mike interrupted him.

Henry tensed up.

"How many bottles did you drink?" He repeated.

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