Not Alone

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Michael sat in the waiting room with Henry. It wasn't the one of an hospital, tho; they were at the police station.

He held the bloody broken glasses in his trembling hands and nervously tapped his foot on the floor. Henry wrapped an arm around him to stroke his back before slowly pulling him close into a fatherly hug, having the boys head hidden in his shoulder. He could hear him retrain painful sobs, and some tears accidentally falling on his shirt.

"Shh... Michael, you need to calm down..."

He didn't answer with words, but Henry could tell he was shaking his head from side to side slowly. The man looked down at his arm.

"Does it hurt...?"

"It never hurts...physically." His voice cracked on the last word.

"Mike..." The man sighed shakily before tightening the hug. There was a deep silence for a couple of minutes.

"You know what his last words were? An apologise. A-an apologise, to me. He told me he was sorry... Why? Why should he be sorry when... when-" He paused, tightened a fist and clinched his teeth "When it's my fault if he died!" Michael cried, punching the empty chair next to him before Henry brought him into the hug again.

"It can't be your fault, Mike."

"What do you know? It's /always/ my fault!"

"You have nothing to do with this..."

"I-" When Mike was about to speak, he remembered that secrets don't keep. He immediately shut his mouth and closed his eyes tightly, simply bursting out in tears.

"You don't need to talk about it..." Henry closed his eyes as well, in a peaceful way, and ran his ruined hands through the boy's brown hair.

Suddenly, his phone rang. It was Mark, calling to know if everything was okay and what happened. Henry quickly answered.

"Mark... Yeah, he's here with me... No, no he's fine. It's about Christian... I'll explain later. What?- They brought us at the police station right now. Uh, you want to come?"

Hearing that, Michael pulled away and quickly looked up.

"Are they home alone?!"

The man widened his eyes and looked at him while covering the mic of the cell phone. "They are... What's wrong with that?"

"Tell them to reach Suzanne and Jeremy for tonight..."

"Michael, they can't just-"

"It's very important for them to stay together! Please!"

Henry glared at him, at first hesitant. Eventually he decided to trust him, going back to talk at the phone.

"Mark, are you still there? Yeah, Mike insists for you to stay together with Suzanne and Jeremy... No, I don't know why. But he would be more relaxed if you did... Really? Thank you. We'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight, from both of us." He hanged up.

"Are they okay?" The boy asked anxiously.

"Of course they are, don't worry..."

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