The Halloween party

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Soon enough the kids left the house. Of course, they really didn't want Mike to see their costumes before the party: the kids wore jackets, sharps and hats to avoid him from seeing them.

"Awh,really?" Michael faked a pout.

The children laughed at him "you'll have to wait until tonight! Where the monsters come out!" Jessica said. At that point, Samuel stretched his arms forwards and clinched his teeth "Grr! Gaaah!"

For Mike it was easy to understand what he was going to be dressed up as.

"Zombies don't sound like that!" Mike crossed his arms with an 'offended' look on his face.

" do they sound?" Samuel lowered his arms and tilted his head, curious to know more.

"They sound like this...GRAAH!" With that, Michael snapped forwards just to hug the boy tightly and raise him from the ground. Samuel laughed and yelped.

"Jessica, help!!"

"No one can help you, young one! I will eat your brain!"


"Release my son, you heartless creature!" Suzanne's voice joined theirs, causing Michael to freeze and embarassedly lower the kid.

"Yay! I'm free!" He excited.

Michael rubbed his neck "Ah,I can't compete with a witch!" He called her that, refering to the broom she was holding.

"You can't, indeed! Smart of you to surrender." The woman laughed and went back to look at the children. "Are you ready to go, little monsters?"

The three of them cheered.

"Great! Remeber to don't eat too many sweets or you'll end up sick,got it?"

"Yes mom" The siblings answered rolling their eyes.

"Mmmh... Mike? Are you sure you can keep an eye on them?"

"Yes ma'am." The boy fixed his clothes.

Suzanne shook her head and snorted "Idiot. Have fun, okay?"

"We will! Bye mom!" "Bye Mrs. Fitzgerald!"

Michael nodded with a slightly smile and left with the kids. Joy rushed behind them and barked happily.

The group went around the city for a walk as they waited for the night to come, and by evening they reached the building where the party would take place. It was a normal restaurant: Outside there were pumpkins here and there and scary decorations decorations on the walls, some fake spiders on the windows and plastic graves near the entrance.

As they walked inside, even more decorations showed up. The tables were adjusted on the edges of the room so that there was a big empty space in the middle, where the kids could run and play. The food was supposed to rapresent eyes and gross organs, and in the middle of the table there was a huge glass bowl filled with blood, or fruit juice. Some webs in the corners and bad mannequins of creatures wete around the room.

The building was already pretty full.

"So? When are you going to show me your costumes?" Mike asked.

"Oh right!" The children removed their jackets and clothes and gave them to Michael, finally revealing their costumes: Samuel, of course, dressed up as a zombie, Jacob dressed like a werewolf -probably making fun of the fact his father is scared of big dogs-, but it took a while before Mike realized what Jessica was dressed up as.

"Now there are two Michael Aftons!" The girl giggled. She wore a big shirt from Fazbear's -probably Jeremy's- and messy 'bandages' -actually just toilet paper- around her neck and hands. Also, her skin was purple here and there and she had a plastic wrench. To that, Michael smiled fondly "Nawwh, I don't know if I should be happy or offended; Are you saying I'm scary?"

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