Awkwardly familiar

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"And then he was like 'I WON'T LET YOU HURT THEM!' and 'BAM' 'BOOM'!" Exclaimed Samuel while gesturing with his hands.

He and his sister Jessica were outside the school talking with their classmates.

"That sounds as fake as Santa." A group of bullies, older kids from another class, approached them.

"I'm serious! And Santa is real..."

"Tsk, the only thing that you will see purple are the bruises on your face!" Chuckled another guy.

Samuel was shaking, backing away slowly as Jessica watched.

"H-hey! What do you think you're doing? Leave him alone!" The girl shouted timidly as she stood between her brother and the group pf idiots.

"Out of the way, four eyes!" A bully from the back made fun of her, but not enough to make her move.

Not that she wasn't scared: the poor girl was shaking.

"Erm, guys? Don't you think you're going like... a little far?" Jacob mumbled in a try to stop his classmates.

"Shut up, Flores!"

And he did so. He wasn't one like his father, he never really had the guts to fight back.

"I'm sorry,I tried-" He whispered in a guilty tone to the Fitzgerald siblings.

"Awkwardly familiar."

A voice interrupted that tense atmosphere.

The kids seemed to freeze in place as the leader of the group looked up to the man.

Michael fixed his sleeves and smiled calmly "Jess, Samuel. I came to pick you up. You too, Jacob."

"Mikeyyy!!" The younger ones said as they rushed to him, hugging his legs. Jacob sighed of relief and smiled nervously at the group, more than glad he had to go.

"Go to the car, I'll be there in a sec." The boy smiled as he watched the three obediently go to the car, then laid his eyes on the group.

With slow and calm movements he walked to the older bully and bent until he was almost sitting on the ground, his elbows on his knees, face to face with the kid.

"Good thing purple men aren't real, right, Logan?" He said with somewhat creepy in his voice while lowering his glasses, the ones Henry gave him. A glimpse of a purple light glowed in his eyes. That was enough to have the bully feel a shiver through his back.

Mike then stood and fixed his clothes. "Don't bully those who are weaker, I assure you, you'll regret it when it's too late. That's when you'll know you went too far."

"Y-yes,sir..." Stuttered the bully.

He glared one last time towards the bullies, then joined the kids in the car.

"So, how was school?" He smiled at them from the mirror as he started the car.

"Horrible, until now!" Jessica laughed.

"I think they'll leave us alone for a while" Samuel snickered.

Michael left the parking spot and drove back in the road.

"They better! I'm glad I arrived in time. Now, should I tell your parents or..."

"NO." The older kid said,panicking.


"If dad knows I submit to them so easily, he'll be disappointed..."

"Hey, there's nothing to be ashamed of! It was already something you at least tried to stand up for someone who couldn't defend. Besides..." Michael looked at him from the mirror "Besides, it's not like your dad was really the leader of the group back then, when we were idiots. Actually, he was a complete disaster. He couldn't even flirt."


"Of course! There was that one time he tried to get a girlfriend just to be cool. The only thing I'm going to say is that his cheeks were red for the entire day after the slap he received!"

The kids laughed in the back to that.

"So, are you excited for the party?"

"Yeah!!" They cheered again.

"Good, good. Me too" He smiled slightly. "But we'll have to talk about it another time, we arrived."

"Noo... Already?" Complained Samuel.

Michael got out from the car once he parked and opened the door for them "Sadly, yes. Sorry guys" he smiled sadly and watched them jump out from the car one by one "Mmh, see you soon Mikey!" Said the siblings.

"I'm counting on it!"

Jacob was the last one to leave the car.

"Keep it up, alright? Don't let yourself be influenced by them."

"I'll try..."

"Nawh, I'm sure you're stronger than those cowards. High five, champion!" Michael held his hand up for the kid.

"C'mon, don't leave me hanging!"

Jacob smiled and went to high five him, just that he didn't expect Mike to take his hand away and ran it in his brown hair.

"Gotcha~" He said with a smirk.

"Agh, dang it!" The kid frowned and playfully punched his arm.

"Heh, okay, okay, see ya" He waved and walked back to the car. He stayed there for a while making sure the kids entered their houses safe and sound, then drove back home.

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