Later that night

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The party finally came to an end, and after every family left one by one during the night, Michael was the last one to get out.

It was past midnight already. The sky was cloudy and the wind blew through the naked trees, lifting the colorful leaves and bringing them away, dragging them through the road.

Michael took a deep breath, although he didn't have to, and started walking back home. "I bet Henry fell asleep on his desk again" He said with a smile on his lips. He fixed his mask behind his head. Then, he took his keys out of his pocket and started playing with them, making them roll and rotate around his finger as they tingled in the silence of the night.

"London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down~ London Bridge is falling down, My Fair Lady~" He repetitively sang to himself a sweet, childish song. Sometimes he paused to make short comments on what was happening.

"It's calmer than usually" He noticed.

"Everyone is asleep"

"It feels lonely..."



Michael paused. That's what he was about to say, but he could swore he didn't finish the sentence. He froze in place and stopped the tingling sound of the keys, looking around confusedly.

"So cold..." The whisper repeated.

"Hello?" The man looked behind his shoulders, but no one was there.

"I'm scared."

The whisper got louder in his head.

"Where are you?" Michael asked, but the whisper didn't answer.

At least, not immediately.

"Help me"

Mike clinched his fists and didn't hesitate to walk towards the direction he felt the whisper come from. The more he got closer, the louder he could feel the whispering voice crying. Suddenly, a mix of feelings overwhelmed Michael. The sense of another remnant being, someone like him, someone broken. But then again, it wasn't only one. He could feel his head getting heavier and the cries louder and louder, eventually he started to hallucinate with memories of the past again. Yet he didn't turn back for some reason, he wanted to go further.

Then something had him stuck in place. He couldn't move anymore, nor could he speak or act. At the end of the road, there was something he hoped to never see again. Something, or someone, he thought wouldn't come back once again. A tall, rotten animatronic was dragging something through the middle of the road. Seeing the path of blood and the shadow of the thing getting dragged, he could tell it was the corpse of an adult.

It was him.

"It was him."

The voice helped Mike to snap out of it and hide behind a wall before he was seen. The creature paused from his business and slowly lifted his head after some twitching movements. He didn't seem to do anything for a few seconds, but then he dropped the arms of the body he was dragging and after some creaky sounds of his gears,he turned his whole body towards the wall.

Michael covered his mouth, he could feel the monster's strong remnant messing with his mind, but if he made a sound he would have been doomed. His purple eyes widened when he heard the metallic steps of the animatronic making his way to him. Mike desperately looked around for a way to escape. He knew that as he could sense the monster's remnant, the monster might have been able to feel his.


One step closer.



Now he was so close he could even hear his deep breath.


A yellow-green, ruined hand suddenly dove its claws into the cement of the wall; a few seconds later the whole animatronic appeared in front of the wall with a groan- then he paused.

No one was there. The silver eyes of yellow bunny looked from side to side slowly, as if searching for a presence he knew was there but just couldn't find. He soon lost his patience and decided to kick the trashcans from his way, to see if what or who he was looking for was hiding there: Nothing.

Michael held tightly onto a broken ladder on the wall, right above the animatronic's head. He didn't make a single move, he just anxiously hoped he would go away soon. Then, the whisper again.

"Help me, i'm here!"

Michael looked around.

There was a child standing in the air, right next to the animatronic, crying grey tears and trying to reach his hand out to Mike.

"Help me!"

He didn't know what to do. Could he even help him? There was no time for doubts.

Michael instinctively grabbed the child's hand and forced him away from the monster.

A syringe suddenly fell and broke.

The animatronic thought he was the one to accidentally break it while searching for the other being, but knowing he had no time to waste before the sun rose, he went back to the other corpse and brought it away.

Michael sighed in relief and dropped from the ladder. 'That was close...' He thought to himself and watched the animatronic leave with his slow pace. It looked like Spring Bonnie, just more ruined and off colour. His right ear was detached from the base but still attached by some wires, swinging from side to side after each step. Other than some wires here and there, from the holes of the ears could be seen tuffs of grey-brown hair. The suit was soaked by drops of old blood falling from the holes and from the same holes, there were parts of a ripped purple shirt.

Mike watched him for long moments before looking down to the broken glass of the syringe and the liquid inside it.

"Thank you..." The child appeared again, now colorful and with his tears turning to purple instead.

"Don't mention it... I'm glad he didn't take you,too." He said, kneeling down to the kid. "I'm so sorry for what he did... Was that your mother he was dragging?"

The child rubbed his eyes with his sleeve and sniffed, nodding quietly.

"Poor thing..." '...He doesn't need remnant from adults. She must be around here.' He thought. "Come, we're going to look for her" He offered,holding his hand out to the kid. The boy hesitantly accepted and stayed by Michael's side, their hands holding so tight but yet so lightly.

When the creature was gone, Michael made his way down the road.

It was after a matter of minutes that a woman could be heard calling a name desperately. "Andrew? A-andrew??" She cried.

"That must be her. Right?" Mike asked sweetly, the kid smiling brightly and nodding. "Mom!"

Once they saw each other, he let go of the child's hand and watched him run back to his family.



They held each other into a tight hug. "Oh, thank Heavens you're here... I-i'm sorry, i should have-"

"It's okay,mom..."

While hugging her son, the woman noticed the man watching that scene. "Did you save him? Thank you so much..."

Michael didn't notice the few drops of tears running on his cheeks, unintentionally moved by that reunion. "It was no problem, really..."

The woman smiled fondly and nodded, slowly standing with her child in her arms. "We're grateful." She said before turning around.

Andrew peeked behind her shoulders and waved at Michael, and he did the same. Then he turned around as well and walked back home. When Mike checked back one last time before going, they were already gone. He exhaled softly and went back to his plans, but sudden worries flew through his head.

"...Henry!" He gasped, speeding up and running back home.

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