Chapter 1

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Hey Guys, this is my first ever story so I'm sorry if its crap. But i hope you enjoy it anyways.


"Your clear" the doctor announces to my mum, my brother and me. I immediately wrap my brother in a hug.

"You beat cancer." I whisper in his ear, I release him and look into his eyes and they are full of tears, I quickly wipe them away with my thumbs and my mum comes over and encircles us both in her arms as she starts sobbing. I step out of the hug knowing she needs to comfort Jake at the minute. After a couple of minutes she lets go and turns away to get rid of her tears and sort out her make-up, so she doesn't look like a train wreck.

"Shall we go home and celebrate and you can invite a few friends around." Me and Jake both nod and start walking out of the hospital and towards the car.

"SHOTGUN!" I call out.

"Damn it Jasmine! I wanted to sit in the front." Jake whines like a little kid.

"Tell that to somebody who cares."

"Don't worry, I will because at least all my friends will be at home." I halt and immediately he slaps his hand over his mouth, immediately regretting what he said.

"That was a low blow jake, even for you." I don't like socialising with people, with anybody really apart from my mum and Jake. Your all probably thinking that I'm a nerd as well, well, I'm not, my grades vary a lot. Jake, on the other hand, he's quite popular and has loads of friends, its all because he's on the football team. His friends, the other players always try to make conversation with me and i sometimes answer but i mostly just stare at them because I have nothing I want to say to them. It doesn't bother me that i don't have friends but i hate it when people make comments about it.

"I'm sorry Jasmine, I didn't mean to say that. I'm sorry forgive me please!" He gives me his puppy dog eyes and I cave and roll my eyes.

"Its okay, it's my decision anyway not to have friends." He puts his arm around my shoulders and we start walking to the car again.

We pull into the plain white two story house. I drag myself out of the car and wait for my mum to open the front door.

Jake and my mum walk in first and cheers and hollering erupt from the living room and when I look further in and jake is on the floor at the bottom of a doggy pile with his teammates on top. I walk past them hoping to go downstairs to my bedroom unnoticed. However fate has different plans for me.

"Hey jasmine, you not gonna stay up here and hang out" One of Jakes teammates, who I think is Drew says and all eyes are suddenly on me.

I shake my head "I'm just gonna go to my room, but thanks." I turn away but Jake stops me.

"Come on Jas, stay up here and hang out with us-" I shake my head.

"I've got things to do."

"Come on Jas, stay please" he pauses "for me" I sigh.

"Okay, I'm just gonna go get changed first." He beams and sits down on one of the sofas. I walk downstairs to my bedroom and put on my Victoria secret yoga pants and old baggy top, I grab my book and phone and head back upstairs.

I walk into the living room and look for a comfortable seat, when I don't find one I turn to Jake. "Move" he looks at me with an eyebrow raised.

"No, why should I."

"Because I'm a girl and I'm lazy and you made me stay up here. So get up or I'll make you." I cross my arms over my chest and all eyes in the room are on us now.

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