Chapter 16

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"Your mom told me that you and Jake have been arguing and fighting both... uh...verbally and physically lately." I glare at him. 

"You can't get answers out of me yourself, so you run to my mom?" I question Dr.Knott. He smiles, a bit too brightly for a situation like this.

"Actually, your mom mentioned it to me on the phone, when she called me yesterday." I roll my eyes. I should have known she would have gone behind my back and told him anyway. "You look tired and pale, have you been eating and sleeping enough?" I make a groaning noise.

"Why does she tell you everything aren't you supposed to be the one to get that information out of me instead of cheating, you mustn't be very good at your profession if thats the case." He laughs half-heartedly but when he notices my blank face he sobers up. 

"I didn't ask your mum to tell me, she's worried about you... all mums are worried about their children, especially when they're troubled by a situation both past and present." No. She wouldn't have told him. Would she? 

"Oh, so I'm guessing she's told you everything then huh?" I let out a small chuckle. "Why am I not surprised? She always does this you know? Takes matters into her own hands thinking that I can't get by without her input. First, she makes me come and see you every week, the she practically forces food down my throat and then tells you everything thats happening in my life when I'm meant to be telling you that to get rid of everything thats on my plate, yet you already know and now this is just gonna be boring." He stares at me strangely. "What?"

He laughs and shakes his head. "I think thats the most you've said to me in a minute in any of our sessions." He slaps his hands on his knees and says "Okay, if you don't like that your mom has told me a lot, tell me how things are going with you and Jake?"

I roll my eyes. "Whats the point?"

"The point is your view might be different to your moms." 

"Fine, we hardly talk, we drive home together and then go our separate ways."

"Have there been any physical displays?"

The session carries on with me giving small and blunt answers to stupid questions which are mostly inquiring about Jake and me, Mom and me and me. I hate talking about myself, its so awkward; talking about my feelings, my routine and everything I do every second of the day. If someone was to really want to know that much about me in that much detail I would argue to say that they have stalker tendencies or could maybe even be one. 

At seven, the session is over and i wait for my mom to pick me up from outside. She won't let me drive myself in case I don't actually go there, shows how much she trusts me. My mom's car pulls up but its not my mom in there, it's Jake with boys from the team. Great, just fucking great! I open the door of the passenger seat, expecting the person in there to move, however they don't. I don't say anything to them I just grab onto his ear and pull him out. Jake glares at me but I couldn't give a shit. 

"Was that necessary? You always have to make a big deal out of everything you couldn't have just kept your mouth shut and your hands to yourself." I ignore him hoping he will start the car. I was wrong. Why is everyone being so difficult?

He pokes me but  I carry on ignoring him until he pushes me even harder. "I didn't say anything to him. I simply moved him out of my seat."

"You could have asked him to move." 

I frown at him. "Do you really think he would have moved even if I had said that." He carries on glaring. "Thats what I thought. Now drive or do you want me to move you as well." 

He starts the car but not before scoffing and saying "Liked to see you try."

"I've done it before, I'm sure I'll be able to do it again," The boys in the back snigger at him. 

He shoots them at stare which stops any noises and starts the car. I watch him for a while, I know it sounds creepy but I know he is trying to form a plan or something to get back at me, he starts to smile. Oh shit!

"Soo....." He starts off with. "How was your session with the 'man who talks to psycho people.' What do you actually talk about? Your day? Your life? Oh wait, what life?" Jake knows me too well, he knows just how to hit my buttons, My fists start to clench on to the passenger seat. "You haven't got a hobby anymore. You haven't got friends, nobody likes you and well your a tad bit crazy... well, I say a tad."

 "Shut up." I turn away from him and stare through the wind screen at other cars.

"Oh, am I getting to you Big Sis. You're not that big now are you? Your just helpless." One of the boys in the back starts to pipe up but Jake shuts him down. "You have everyone wrapped around your little finger, manipulating them, I'm sure you do this for fun or maybe for the atten..." I don't let him finish his sentence as I punch my hand into the wind screen. 

Glass scatters everywhere, Jake obviously not expecting it swerves the car and spins it, all the while other vehicles stop with us and beep there horns. My eyes stay closed as I listen to the shouting and screeching of cars and people around me.


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