Chapter 9

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I thought I might put in somebody else's POV. Hope you enjoy!


Jasmine's Mum POV

"MOM...MOM." I feel myself being shaken awake by rough hands, I open my eyes to see a worried Jake looking down at me. 

"What is it Jake?" I sit up whilst saying.

"It's Jasmine, I don't really know what happened, but we have to go to the hospital." I jump up and quickly pull on a pair of jeans and the first top I see which is appropriate to wear in front of doctors. Finally, pulling on my shoes I run downstairs, out the door and into the car where Jake is waiting for me. 

It feels like forever before we arrive at the hospital but in reality it had only taken twenty minutes. When we get up to her hospital room, I only catch a glimpse of her before they shut the door and lead us away from there. But a glimpse was enough to make me worried. The doctor leads us to his office and gestures for us to sit down.

"Mrs. Thorne a couple of hours ago Jasmine went into cardiac arrest, we don't know what caused it but we have done some tests and there's been no indication that the cause of this is because of a default with her body, we cannot be too sure what the cause was and we shouldn't start making assumptions until..." He's interrupted by Jake.

"Just get to the point, your beating around the bush and quite frankly I would like to know what is wrong with my sister so I can help, so what is it?"

"Jake, like I said we can't go around making assump..."

"I don't care if you can't do this and that just tell us what you think it is."

"I heard that a couple of years ago her father passed away in an accident, Me and Dr.Knott believe it could have something to do with that, maybe the trauma from it we can't be too sure." He carries on by talking about the treatment she's gonna have including regular sessions with Dr.Knott and some other tests.

"So, is she able to come home?" I ask and he looks back at me with a ridiculous expression on his face which soon turns into more of an understanding one

"I completely forgot you haven't seen her yet, after the episode during the night we're not sure how long it may take for her to wake but it shouldn't be long maybe a couple of hours up to a day or two, this would also allow us to run a few tests we just talked about, your daughter can be a handful at times and I understand she's not in favour of hospitals." The hope in me failed after just a few seconds of him talking. Jasmine's definitely not gonna like this situation anymore than before. 

She's always hated hospitals ever since she was little, I think it got worse after Grahams death though, she was in here for at least a week if I can remember.

"Would you like to go see Jasmine?" I nod and stand up with Jake next to me. "Just keep an open mind she will wake up, we know that for sure but after this...a few extreme measures might have to be taken."

Jake's POV

"What do you mean by extreme measures? It was only a one-time thing." Mom obviously doesn't like the harsh tone in my voice as I receive a slap form her.

"We can't know that for sure, Jake. I've seen cases like this before and this is only the beginning it can get worse very quickly and we're gonna try and make sure that it doesn't happen to Jasmine, that's why you have to keep an open mind about this whole situation because she needs to know that she has a lot of people there for her and she can stop blaming herself."

"I don't think she'll ever stop blaming herself." I whisper low so nobody hears.

We walk into her room and these are the only times I ever see her relaxed and calm when she's out of it and unconcious lying on a hospital bed. Why can't she feel relaxed and calm aorund me or mum? She knows we are here for her, she knows we will help her.


I'm sorry it's so short, I have loads of exams for the next two weeks and i have been revising like crazy but I will try to update again either on the weekend, if not definitely next week.

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