Chapter 10

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A knock bellows through the door and Dr. Sheen enters, he's the main doctor we always see. 

"How are you today Jasmine?" He asks me.

"Fine, when can I go home?" He looks at my chart and then up at me.

"Hopefully today, but you have to promise me something if I discharge you."

"What is it?" I'm curious as to what he wants, but I'm probably not gonna like it.

"You have to come in every week for a session with Dr.Knott." I pause thinking it over. I have two choices, first one I go home and come in every week for a session with Dr.Knott to spill my guts or I can stay here and still be forced to see Dr.Knott, I choose the first one obviously. Dr.Sheen leaves to call my mum to come and pick me up and sign some paper work as well.

Once I have escaped from the bear hug Jake gave me, I go to my bedroom and unpack throwing most of the clothes I have into my washing basket in the corner of my room. Once I'm finished I go over to my bookshelf, most of the books on it have been read by me however there is one shelf that holds about ten books which I haven't read and you can tell I haven't due to the spine of the book being undamaged and well the rest of the books being...well...damaged.

I pick up the first one I see that reads the title 'the manifesto on how to be interesting' sounds alright. I've already bought it so I have to read it. I pick up my phone and headphones before going to the living room where I start reading whilst listening to Paramore. They're my favourite band, however Fall Out Boy are pretty close to them and nearly catching up. 

I feel a dip in the sofa next to me, I look up and see Liam sitting next to me and staring with a stalker smile on his face. For those of you who don't know what a stalker smile is, it's when you see a stranger in the street staring and doing one of those creepy cheesy smiles. Pulling out my headphones I look at him like he's crazy, his expression immediately changes to a confused one.

"Why are you looking at me like that for?" My jaw literally drops, how could he say that to me after the face he just pulled.

"Are you joking? You just pulled the stalker smile face on me." He gasps whilst putting a hand on his heart, to show he's hurt.

"That hurt Jasmine that really hurt." He turns away sniffing and wiping at his eye. I choose to ignore his attempt to make me feel sorry for him and instead put my headphones back in and carry on reading. He doesn't take this too kindly though as he snatches the book away form and yanks the headphones out of my ears. "That wasn't a stalker smile that was a smile to try and persuade you to help me with something."

"If anything it persuaded me to stay away from you." He narrows his eyes at me.

"Okay, you're gonna get it now." He pulls my body down so I'm lying on the couch before tickling me. I squeal and thrash about trying to get away from him, I use my hands to try and push him away but he's quite big and is able to grab a hold of both hands holding them above my head whilst attacking at my sides with the free hand he has. 

"STOP...please stop...please." He stops but still holds onto me firmly.

"Tell me you're sorry and I will stop." He asks me. The one thing I hate to do is say sorry, especially to people who aren't my mum, so I shake my head, but he starts to tickle me again and I have to give in.

"Okay...okay, stop...I'm sorry...I'm sorry, please stop." He stops immediately and grins down at me as I try to control my breathing. I look into his eyes that are dark brown like chocolate with little gold flecks around, I don't stop looking at them and he doesn't look away from mine either. 

Only then do I notice him inching his way closer to me. His eyes flicker down to look at my lips before coming back up to my eyes, almost immediately he smashes his lips onto mine, It's a rough kiss at first but then slows down into a passionate one. I feel his tongue trace across my lower lip asking for entrance, I don't give in mainly because I'm not sure what to do, but he takes matters into his own hands and slides his hand up my thigh and stops just under my bum where he squeezes. The action causes me to gasp and he takes this as his opportunity to enter and explore my mouth, our tongues collide a few times, I'm not sure if he's doing it on purpose but I couldn’t really care less because I'm enjoying it. I'm not sure how long this carries on for but I hear somebody clear their throat in front of me. I push him off of me as if he's burning me and look up to see Jake, who’s glaring at Liam.

I quickly take this as my chance to run to my room, I lock it just in time for Jake to start banging on the door, commanding me to open it. However, I lean against the door and slide down it whilst touching my lips, which are sore and most probably red, all the while thinking.

That was the best first kiss ever.

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