Chapter 12

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Jake doesn't know about what happened at the mall and I intend to keep it that way, I mean I love Jake I really do but this is one of his close friends and I'm not prepared to get into an argument with him because I'm stealing one of his friends so he can become my boyfriend, No.

It was a really good kiss though, the thought pops into my mind. It really was but it won't happen again. That's what you said last time. Oh shut up.

I have come up with a strategy to avoid this situation from happening again that means I am playing the avoiding game again but only with Liam, I mean Jake would probably get suspicious if I stopped talking to him but I feel guilty for not telling him what happened, he deserves to know...right? He lied to you, this is just payback. I'm stressing over this too much, I mean its not that big of a deal. Jake might th-

I'm interrupted from my thoughts by someone calling my name, I turn around and see Jake jogging towards me.. I'm at my locker in school exchanging my books before going to my next class but that was immediately put on hold when Jake tells me Coach wants to see me.

"Why?" He looks at me incredulously as we walk towards the boys locker room.

"What do you mean why? You're our quarterback and we have a game next week."

"Wait- what?" I stop walking. "that was a one off, no way am I playing again."

"What do you mean a one-off? Coach told us you're the quarterback...for good."

"To hell I am." I walk quickly towards his office, I pass the boys getting changed one of them being Liam who has a grumpy face on him. Wonder why? Do you not remember how you left him? He lifts his head up and smiles when he sees me but I don't stop I carry on walking to Coach's office.

I don't bother knocking once again and walk straight in instead, he looks up from his TV screen in front where the last match the team played is being shown, he pauses it and gestures for me to sit down.

"We have a game next week, so you'll have to be at practice everyday this week and next after school...I also want you to run the drills and the practice it will help with your leadership skills, although you don't really need help with that seeing as everything you say seems like an order. It will also help the boys get used to having a girl on their team, not that it should make much of a difference but you know, some people are different to others." Whilst he is saying all of this he is looking down at some paperwork. " I bet you're probably wondering why you have been made the permanent Quarterback and well the principal came up to me after the game and said he was happy with the way you played and wants you to have a place on the team, he said you deserved because of your grades and punctuality but I think the main reason is because your a great player and next week we are going against a school he hates and really wants us to wi-"

"STOP!" He looks up at me for the first time since he's started his little rant.

"I don't want to be the Quarterback." He shakes his head and smiles lightly.

"I can tell you're lying, you think I didn't see the way you're eyes sparkled a little in excitement." He's right I am lying, right through my teeth, but it just doesn't seem right, somethings not right why would he only feel remorseful and guilty now after what he did why not before? "You can't say 'No' and you know it."

"I'll think about it, I can't come to practice today, if I do decide to do it I will come tomorrow. Bye Coach." I walk out as he says goodbye back, the boys aren't in the changing rooms so I'm guessing their in class.

I walk down the hallway towards my next class before a hand comes out of the janitors closet and pulls me inside, I go to scream but their hand clamps over my mouth, I bring my leg up behind me and hit them where it hurts. I turn around to see who the person was but the rooms so dark and instead I feel them grab the top of my leg just above my knee so I kick at them again...and again...and again, I'm not sure where I am hitting them but it earns me a groan.

"Shit, stop!" The male voice shouts who I recognize as Liam, I release a huge breath.

"Are you trying to give me another heart attack? That's twice you've done that?"

"And that's twice you've been able to get me on my knees, you've got to stop kicking me in my jewels, you'll make me infertile if you carry on."

"If you do that to me again, I'll make sure you're not only infertile but I'll make sure they're not even there anymore. Now, open that door and let me out."

I can sense him near me before he says "No can do. We need to talk." He says adamantly.

"About what?" I say even though I already know.

"You know what? Don't play dumb. Why did you just leave like that? I don't know if it occurred to you but no girl walks away form a boy after they kissed."

"I was busy, I had things to do." I hear the flick of the switch before the dim light above me comes on, he walks over to me and grabs my hands but I pull them away quickly, trying to hold my ground. "You said you wanted to talk, so talk, no touching." He smirks and comes close to my ear and whispers lightly.

"I do want to talk and the first thing is the real reason you left me stranded in the car park thinking I had done something wrong when we kissed." I lean back a bit.

"Correction, you kissed me."

"Yeah but you kissed me back meaning that we- we are going off topic, I just want to know the reason."

"That was the reason, you kissed me."

"I don't see the problem so why d'you leave?"

"Because you kissed me, don't you get it, Your best friend is my brother, he would kill me knowing I kept this from him, we don't keep anything form each other except for the time he lied to me but that doesn't matter, I felt so guilty this morning for not telling him because he has been there for me through everything and then I thought to hell with it, he lied to me so its only a bit of payback and its not that big of a deal but then I decided I would avoid you because I felt bad and I didn't want Jake getting suspicious of anything and then I saw you and you looked miserable but I didn't think it was because of me and then you pulled me into this closet and now I'm rambling on and talking a load of gibberish." I let out a deep breath, I've done that a few times today. I look at him and he's smiling.

"Why are you worried about Jake? Your right he is my best friend and when I saw you earlier I knew that I wasn't being a good friend because I didn't tell him, which I usually do because I asked him whether I could date you and so before I came to find you I told him." My eyes are like saucers.

"How did he react?" I ask nervously.

"I'm not sure because I told him over a text."


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