Chapter 11

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I have been trying to avoid Jake like the plague, but obviously once again, fate has different plans. After the whole kissing episode with Liam, Jake was outside my door constantly banging on it that was until Liam told him to leave me and the door be. Obviously, Jake wasn't too happy with his input, which he made clear to Liam by kicking him out.

I don't even know why Jake was so angry, okay I get it it's his best friend but seriously is that it? Anyways it's not like it would happen again, he'd make sure it wouldn't as well.

I open my door and look out both ways to see the coast is clear I quickly run to the kitchen hoping to get food but Jake stops me, I attempt to run away but he catches me first and tackles me to the ground. I keep my eyes tightly closed even when he gets a hard grip on my arms to stop me from struggling.

"Open your eyes."He orders at me.

"I don't know about you but I know I deserve some respect and anyways you can't tell me what to do I'm older than you." I open my eyes and smirk at him he glares at me.

"You don't deserve respect after that stunt you pulled with Liam yesterday and your only older than me by thirty seven seconds, it's practically nothing." He says exasperated.

"Look Jake, the whole thing with Liam was a misunderstanding, it was just an accident." His eyes widen

"AN ACCIDENT" His volume increased rapidly "Well, if it was only an accident then you better explain that to him, because an hour ago he asked me if he could ask you out."

"WHAT?" I scream and push Jake off of me with a struggle. I stand up and start pacing while Jake starts to smirk. "DATE? ME? I don't- I'm not-" I carry on mumbling incoherently. He wants to ask me on a date. So much for this being a one-time thing.

I mean he's a good-looking guy and all, he seems quite respectful, he helped out a lot when I was in hospital, I heard he brought me a lot of my belongings and food, he also waited here until I was awake. Maybe he does like me?

No impossible, why would he want a girl like me? Especially after everything that has happened. The football thing and then the hospital and dad thing. Wait?

I stop pacing and notice Jake sitting on the sofa. He raises his eyebrows at my sudden pause in movement.

"Does he know?" He frowns as if he's confused. "DOES HE KNOW?"

"What? Does he know what Jas?"

"Does he know about-" I swallow "-dad?" His face relaxes a little bit.

He nods "Yes."

"Does he know what happened? That day." He nods again and I look down guilty.

"Stop." He comes up to me and hugs me. I wrap my arms around him. "He doesn't blame you, none of us do okay? You need to get it into your thick head that what happened that day wasn't your fault." I nod and let go.

"He actually wants to go on a date with me?" I ask him genuinely.

"Yes, he hasn't stopped bugging me after I told him 'no', I've had hundreds of text saying how worthy he is, how he'll never hurt you, never kiss you again and so on, the list is endless. But I still told him no."

I roll my eyes at his behaviour; maybe saying 'no' was the best thing to do anyways. I'm not that type of girl, I don't do boyfriends or relationships or commitment and having a guy from our school, and they like to make sure everybody knows you're theirs. This includes kissing you in the hallways or during class, making you sit on their lap at lunch, letting them drive you to and from school, buying your food, carrying your books, constantly putting their hands on your waist and worse of all holding your hand for the whole day.

"Do you want me to tell him 'yes' "My head whips around to look at his.

"Why do you say that?" I ask him curious of his answer.

"Because you zoned out from the whole world, I wasn't sure if you were daydreaming about you and Liam together." I scrunch up my nose and stand up.

"You know me better than that; I don't fall for guys that easily." He smirks and stands up next to me before we walk into my bedroom.

"That's what I love about you; you don't give in easily and give them a run for their money." I smile.

"I'm going out, maybe do some shopping, you wanna come?" He shakes his head.

"Shopping with you, I think I'd rather stick needles in my eyes. I've got homework that needs to get done anyway."

"I'm not as bad as mom when it comes to shopping and you're one to talk, you take hours to find one shirt."

"If hours are what it takes, to make this beauty, then it's what it takes." He smirks and I shake my head before getting changed.


In less than an hour I arrive at the shopping centre and have already bought a pair of jeans. I am a very quick shopper I know what I want and I know where to get it. Next on the list are a flannel shirt and a pair of white converse.

After another hour of browsing I head to the food hall for a quick lunch, I'll probably just pick up a McDonalds. When I get there I notice a few people from school and a few boys form the team who hang out with Jake and Liam. Curiosity takes over me and I involuntarily look around for Liam, after a minute or so I don't find him and instead of looking some more, I go and order my food.

"Do you want to take-away?" The short brunette girl behind the counter asks me.

I nod and say "Yes please." She turns around and starts packing up a brown bag with my food and hands me my chocolate milkshake. I thank her before leaving with my food in my hand and take a few sips of my drink now and again.

After finishing off my food with a few chips still left to go, I walk over to a bin near the fountain at the front of the entrance and throw the rest away. Deciding I have had enough of shopping I head to my car in the parking lot.

I was forced to park my car at the back because the time I had arrived at was rush hour for the shopping centre. I hate parking at the back because the lights are constantly flickering like something out of a horror movie and there are dark corners where anybody could jump out of. Stop! You're just gonna scare yourself. I think to myself.

I carefully and slowly walk to my car and I see it in sight, I quicken my pace to get to the safety of my car, but I'm pulled from the side, I let out a scream before I feel a hand cover my mouth. The impostor holding me turns me around to face him and I see Liam standing there smirking. I release myself from his grip as quick as possible.

"What the fuck were you trying to do? You scared the fucking shit out of me? Were you trying to give me a heart attack?" I scream at him. The smirk immediately falls off of his face when he looks at my serious one. I try to control my heavy breathing.

He puts his arms on my shoulders and says "Hey, it's okay, it was only meant to be a joke but it was a stupid one on my behalf. You okay?" I nod before looking at him sternly and punching him in the gut. t=the breath gets knocked out of him and he kneels over, I stand there and wait for him to catch his breath and stand back up. He goes to say something but I beat him to it.

"You deserved it, don't you dare do that to me again. Are we clear?" He nods and I turn around to go to my car, before I'm pulled back to him, his lips smash onto mine in a heated kiss. I try to push away but he grabs onto my hands and holds them behind my back to stop me from rejecting the kiss, however there was no need to do that anymore because I got lost in the kiss.

After a couple of minutes I come to my senses and back away from him, which he doesn't expect so it happens easily. I look down and touch my lips, I sense him coming closer to me and before I even realise what I'm doing I take a step back and start walking to my car. I get in and quickly drive home and only when I arrive home do I realize what I did.

I left him standing there after we kissed, like really kissed. What a dickhead.




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