Chapter 13

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"You told him over the phone?" I could almost feel my eyes popping out of their sockets. A text message that has got to be the most informal and careless communication between anybody and that's not even the worse part, what he said in the message didn't make it any better.

Liam scratches his head and looks around nervously. "Well technically, I didn't tell him over the phon-" I grab him by his shirt and bring him close to my face.

"You better hope the text either didn't send or he doesn't read anything into it and takes it as a joke." He starts smirking which just pisses me off. "What?"

"Your hot when your angry, it really turns me on." Just as I was about to let go of his shirt he grabs onto me and forces his mouth onto mine, I don't kiss him back and instead pinch him so he lets go.

"You seriously need to start worrying about what Jake is gonna do when he reads his messages." I take a few deep breaths to calm myself down although its not doing much when you have Mr.Happy standing next to you fantasising about God knows what and talking to himself like a lunatic who belongs in a mental institution. "What are you saying you need to speak up, I haven't got advanced hearing in which I can hear your incoherent mumbling?"

"I was just saying he could have already read them." I frown unsure of what he is talking about.


"You said and I quote 'you need to start worrying about what Jake is gonna do when he reads his messages' and I said he could have already read them." Of course he would have to be the person who always likes to correct others and always think they're right.

"Do you know what? I don't give a shit about you right now, you have caused this big problem and I'm the one going to get it when I next see Jake so how about you just leave me alone until all of this has cleared up and do you know what else? If don't stop acting like an actually prick you can leave me alone forever." I finish the speech with my hands on my hips to show him I'm not in the mood for his jokes today.

"I caused this big problem, how did I cause this big problem you were the one who kissed me." His serious face confuses me because he should know he is wrong and when he messes with me he's usually laughing or smirking.

I make an inhuman and animalistic noise at his opinion on who kissed who. "Excuse me? You need to fix your sentence on who kissed who." He gives me an incredulous look which I frown at in confusion, unsure of why he is acting so serious when he knows the truth himself.

"I don't know what you mean? You kissed me first." My eyes widen.

"No I didn't. You were the one who kissed me first and you know it." The volume of my voice increases  rapidly by the end of my sentence.

I've always hated liars and people who repeat themselves. You know when someone is sharing a story with you and you understand it but they think you don't so they keep repeating the ending and in the end I'm just like 'okay, you can shut up now, you've said quite a few times, I'm not thick.' I understand how some may see me as a hypocrite but this is for the best just until Liam and i understand what this is and where its going and then we can tell him, well actually its too late cause we already told him well Liam did over a text.

"Oh Yeah... but you were always giving me the look that all girls give when they are interested in a guy."

"Excuse me? The look? When have I ever given you the look, the first time I met you was...was..." He waits with his eyebrows raised whilst I try to search my memory. " was at my t was at the canteen when you came to beg for me to free you form Coach's torture. Thats right? Right?" He looks around the room not looking at me.  "Oh my God! You can't even remember either and you tried to make me feel guilty for not remembering."

"Well other things have been on my mind." I raise my eyebrows and his eyes wide when he realises what he has just said. "I did't mean that..." I leave the closet which I should have done as soon as I was able to and he follows me begging for forgiveness, I don't know because he's not always in my mind is he? Am I always thinking about him? Yes, yes you are. My inner voice says.

I hope Jake is okay with this situation because I really like Liam, but don't tell him that because his ego will grow even bigger than what it is at the moment. i don't know what it is about him whether its his personality he's always making jokes that mostly aren't funny but seeing him try to pull them off is funny or whether its his looks his short chocolate brown hair and green eyes. Playing football has treated him well he's got muscle and abs, well I don't know that for sure but I presume he does or is it the selfless and caring acts he always does especially when he was there for me in hospital and helping my mum out at least he gets on with half my family but no offence to my mum, Jake is the person I really want permission from. I may not have a dad but Jake is always there for me when dad jobs for their daughters come around.

I reach my locker and keep pretending to ignore him to get back at him for earlier. Once I swap around my books I shut my locker door and turn to him, I don't know whether he just stopped talking or he's been quiet for a while waiting for me. To get the best results from him I glare and his hopeful face dies down from there. The bell rings and I walk away for extra measures.

"Jas, I know you don't want to talk to me but we have football now." I groan not bothered to walk to the other side of the school so I smirk  at Liam.

"Give me a piggy back ride and I'll forgive you." His eyes light up at the offer.

He kneels down and I jump on before I know it he is speeding down the hallway passing crowds of people on the way, we push ourselves well he pushes us through groups quickly so we don't get in trouble with coach he hates people being late especially when footballs involved. We arrive at the locker room before I know but Liam doesn't let go of me and runs through the door he stops quickly in his tracks with me still on his back. I look up wondering why he's still all of a sudden and I notice jake standing there with a murderous look on his face.

"Let go of my sister." I feel Liam's hands loosen and I slide down his back so my two feet are planted on the floor. Jake turns his stare my way and we have a stare down, I don't back down and  I know Jake won't either. Liam looks between us and so does everybody else. The tension in the room and between us is palpable and I know by his expression that when we get home we'll have an argument.

He turns away from me and it hurts the person I wanted to get approval from doesn't look like he'll be giving it any time soon. I turn to Liam who is looking at me.

"Sorry." I say to him and he knows instantly why I'm saying it and he starts shaking his head but I go to get changed so I can't see his expression and he can't see mine.

"Out on the field everyone immediately." Coach shouts


That's all for now. Hope you like it.

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