Chapter 4

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Some people may say i was too harsh on jake, but you don't know the pain i went through all these years since my dad died, i was a proper daddy's girl and when he dies Im not gonna lie it hit me hard, i did everything with my dad played football , went camping, fishing, even shopping once. Jake was close to my dad as well but not as much as me, he didn't even like football as much as me he preferred soccer, but when they only did football and not soccer in school he just went with the flow and went to football try-outs and being the lucky son of a bitch he is got a position the line-backer. By that time my dad had died and well i always wanted to carry on with football because i loved it and my dad enjoyed it as well and all i wanted to do was make him proud. Jake understood how i felt when i found out he could play and i couldn't, he felt guilty at first but as the weeks went on, he played more matches, met more people, more girls and became popular he forgot about how much it hurt, he still cared and tried to cheer me up and join me in but it never felt right, i was never gonna fit in and i knew that.

On the way home the ride is silent except for Liam who is in the back trying to get rid of the awkward tension between me and Jake.

"Hey guys can we turn on the radio." He sticks his head in between the driver and the passenger seat and reaches over to turn the radio on but i catch his hand and bend it backwards, until he's shouting for mercy.

"You're really starting to piss me off Liam, keep your trap shut and keep your hands to yourself, got it?" He nods with a sigh as i let go of his hands.

Jakes sitting there glaring. "Was that really necessary?" Liam tries to cut him off but Jakes not having it. "No its not okay just because your in a bad mood doesn't mean you have to take it out on my friends."

"Well your the reason I'm in this bad mood so how about you shut it asshole before you say something you regret." My voice rising.

"Jake its okay it didn't hurt." Liam says

"Shut up, she needs to apologise just because shes and outcast and doesn't have any friends of her own doesn't mean she needs to take it out on mine." That pushes me over the edge and i turn off onto the highway and go full speed. Liam and Jake both clutch onto the side of the car and beg for me to slow down.

"You know jake you never understood did you? Everything i ever did for you was too make you happy every time i smiled it was fake, i only did that because i didn't want you to see how much i was hurting inside and you were the one who caused it. You have no idea how much i went through for you, so i could keep you happy and even after everything you still carried on lying as if everything was okay. Do you not feel a little bit guilty jake that you were part of the reason why i was miserable, your the reason i haven't gotten over dads death yet, your the reason why i stopped playing football and your the reason why everyday i for the past years i have wanted to kill myself. The real reason why i haven't got any friends is because what the hell are they gonna do for me? How are they gonna make me happy when even my bother cant make me happy?" My vision is blurry and i am going 50 over the speed limit.

Jake just sits there looking speechless and sorrowful, whilst Liam is trying to calm me down and get me to slow down.
"Please stop crying snd please slow down i don't wanna die and i don't wanna have to tell your mom shes lost her husband and two children." I come to realisation and ease my foot off the gas pedal and pull into a gas station, to cool off.

"Thats how you felt?" Jake asks

"Thats only part of how i felt." I dry my tears. " one of you can drive I'm just gonna lie down in the back seat." I hop out of the truck and take a deep breath and open the back seat door. Liam gets out and gives me a hug but i push him away before he can do anything and hop into the truck. I start to drift off as the engine starts.
When i wake I'm snuggled up in a foetal position, i shift and nuzzle myself more into the comfortable material I'm engulfed in. I hear a faint chuckle and frown. What was that?

"Are you awake now?" I jump up from the sudden voice and before i can get my balance i fall off of the sofa and wait for the contact with the floor to never come only just realising the two arms that are engulfing me around the waist. I open my eyes and look up at the culprit only to come into the eyes of Liam. Once i come back to my senses i realise i am still in his arms and he's staring.

"What the hell are you doing?" I exclaim as i break free from his arms. He lets go and i stand up straight. "I'm waiting." He shrugs. "Thats not an answer."

"You fell asleep in the car so i carried you in because your brother already got out of the car and when i tried to lay you down you had a tight grip on my shirt and wouldn't let go so i just let you sleep in my arms, it was either that or i would have had to take my shirt off and be cold and i don't particularly like being cold." I glare at him.

"I don't care if you die of hypothermia but just know next time I wont be so forgiving." I hiss as he smirks.

"Next time? You want there to be a next time? I knew you had a secret crush on me"

"You wish you could get this" With that i get up from my position and make my way to my bedroom.
----------------------------------------Sorry this is so short.

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