Chapter 6

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When I arrive home, I tell my mum about the whole thing and I get a  reaction which I wasn't expecting at all.

"Jasmine, come on, stop this now, it's silly. You've been waiting for this for a long time now and your only hurting yourself and all them boys by sitting here grovelling." I frown at her, because I know she's right, I'm just trying to find excuses to get back at them. "No matter what happens your dad would be very proud, don't you ever think otherwise, but it's time you start making yourself happy and stop thinking about the past and the mistakes that were made." I see tears in her eyes and I give in immediately, I give her a hug. "Now hurry up get changed out of those pajamas, cause you're leaving and you better hurry up, the games started." I quickly jump up and change into a pair of yoga pants and a jersey top, with runners.

I run back upstairs, give my mum a kiss and jump into my car. I arrive at the school not long after leaving I peer in at the grounds and find that they haven't started yet, I blow out a breathe of relief and sprint to the changing rooms where I find the football team and ou can see the stress on their faces that is until I come in. I look at coach who has a hopeful look on his face.

"I'm gonna need some kit." He shows me one of his big smiles and so does the team. He hands me some gear and I go into a separate booth where I am alone to change, when I'm ready we all walk out and me being the quarterback I have to go and shake hands with the other team, Jake and Liam are with me as they are co-captains. When we arrive in the centre the official and the other team's quarterback is looking at me and laughing,

"Got a problem?" I say to him and he sobers up.

"Yeah, your a girl and your playing a guy's sport."

"I doesn't say that in the rule books."

"It shouldn't have to girls are weak, this game is too rough for your type." I glare at him and I think he looks a little scared but covers it up.

"Let's just get on with the game and see what the final score is, then we'll see if girls are weak." He nods and smiles and we shake hands.

We all return back to the sidelines and coach looks at me sympathetically but I turn away from him, I don't wanna see it. 

"Okay, we're gonna start off with a toss. I don't want to see no crap when watching you guys, if you wanna win put the effort in to get it Alright?" Everyone nods and we go out on to the pitch.

Before we get into positions we form a huddle and I talk. "Okay, like coach said we're gonna start with a toss, I'm gonna speak frank, I don't want no bullshit out there and if I do see it then God help you. Okay?" I look at everyone in their eyes and they nod looking determined.

 ~ (sorry I'm not really good when writing about football, so I'm just gonna skip it out)

Ten minutes till the end of the game and we are losing by a few points. I've been thrown to the ground at least five times by now, meaning I am not in the best of moods.

"23, 54 HIKE." I call out and feel the ball touch my hands, I look down towards the end zone and find no one free to catch it and before I even think I tuck the ball under my arm and run for it ignoring everyone's shouts.

"JAS, GET DOWN." I hear my brother shout beind me, but I don't listen and carry on until I see the running back free, so I toss it to him before I get tackled to the ground with an 'oomph' as I hear an eruption of cheers meaning we scored and won the game, I go to try and sit up but have to lie back down again from the dizziness, that was hands down one of the hardest sacks I've experienced, when I open my eyes Jake is looking down at me with worried eyes and he helps me stand up and walk over to the bench.

I sit down and take a drink not taking off my helmet, not wanting people to realize I am a girl, its just gonna start riots. I stand up after a minute and walk into the changing rooms where I quickly change into my clothes and without saying goodbye I leave. There's proabbly an after party celebrating us winning but I hate parties and I hate alcohol so I'm just going home to my bed.

"Jas, where are you going?" Someone calls form behind me so I turn around and I see its Liam.

"I'm going home." He frowns confused.

"What about the party? We're celebrating our win, we wouldn't have won without you."

"I'm not going and this was just a one time thing, Coach is gonna have try-outs, it's not like this was gonna be permanent."With that said I turn around and go home.

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