New School

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Clem's POV

It was the morning of my first day at this new school I was going too. This morning couldn't get any less annoying. My alarm blaring in my ear. Lee screaming my name at the bottom of the stairs, Carley cooking something that smells really delicious and AJ running around the house playing with his disco broccoli action figures and wearing his favorite Disco Broccoli T-shirt.

"Sweetpea you have to get up! it's your first day at your new school" yay like I'm so excited for that. I miss my old friends a lot. They were so nice and caring. I played baseball back at my old school, I was the team captain of the team and everyone called me a star. Hopefully they have a baseball team here so I can try out. We moved to this little town because of two reasons. Kenny,Katjaa and Duck lived here and because of a Boy who killed my parents, we just had to get away from that. Then Lee and Carley adopted me and AJ. AJ's a little brat but I love him to death. Kenny is a really good friend of Lee's. I think Duck is attending the school I'm going too. At least I'll have someone there I know. Maybe I can find some people there who will like me. I lay up on my shoulders and lean over to turn my alarm off on my phone. I lay back on my back and look up at the ceiling. This is gonna be one hell of a day.

AJ bursts into my room and jumps on me. "Disco Broccoli and Beet-Nick are here to save the day" I look at him and smile. "AJ get off of me" he smiles and laughs. "No! make me" I get the idea that pops into my head and smirk at him. "Okay, I guess I will" I say and start tickling him. His laughs echo through the house and there a little to loud. "DAD! Clem's got me" AJ yells and I hear footsteps coming up the stairs. Lee busts through the door. "Don't worry AJ I got you" He says and runs over to us and starts tickling me. AJ joins in and they both gang up on me. "" I saw in between laughs. They stop and Lee picks up AJ and twirls him around. "He's gonna throw up" I say and start laughing. Lee stops and puts AJ down. He falls over and lands on his butt. "Oww" we all die of laughter until Lee gets serious. "Okay, you better get serious or were gonna be late Clem" he says and walks out, AJ following right behind him.

I get up and walk over to my closet to look for some clothes. I open the closet door and notice clothes sitting on my desk next to my bed. It was my regular outfit that I usually wear and my baseball cap that my dad gave to me when I was eight. I smile and look at the note that was placed on my hat. 'I hope you have an amazing first day at your new school! We love you dearly sweetpea.  - Lee and Carley' I smile at the little note again and start to get dressed. After almost 10 minutes of me trying to get my jeans on, I succeeded. I placed my hat on my head and grabbed my backpack and phone before I ran out the door. I walk slowly down the stairs and smell heaven. I walk into the kitchen and AJ and Lee are already at the table. "Hey Honey, how did you sleep?" Carley asked. I smiled. "It was okay I guess, my back hurts a little though" I laugh and Carley joins in. "Well hopefully it feels better" she says and goes back to cooking. I walk up to her and look over her shoulder. "What are you making?" She looks at me and then back at the pan. "Pancakes and Eggs" Those are my favorite. "Hell yes!" I say. "Swear!" Aj says and Lee laughs. "It's okay buddy, she's old enough" he says. I smile at the two and walk over to the table, sitting down next to AJ. "Clem! Are you gonna get a boyfriend?" AJ asks. I blush at the question. "Uhm, I don't know AJ, are you gonna get a girlfriend?" I tease him. "Ew no, girls are gross" I laugh at his remark. "No we're not" he rolls his eyes and keeps waiting for breakfast.

Breakfast was amazing, Pancakes and Eggs will always be my favorite. I kiss Carley on the cheek and wave goodbye. I pet my dog Rosie and pick up my backpack. "I'll see you after school, I won't be gone long" I say. She pouts and lifts her paw up. I smile at her and open the door. Lee and AJ are already in the car waiting for me. "Stop Honking the horn AJ, I'm coming" I say.

We drop AJ off at his elementary school. He hugs Lee and gives me a fist bump before leaving. "Bye Goofball" i say. "Don't call me goofball" he said looking mad until he started to smile. I shook my head and smiled back. "Have fun AJ! I'll be back to pick you up" he have a thumbs up to lee and ran inside the school.

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