I cant believe shes mine

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Clementine's POV again.

We walk to McDonald's which is only a little ways down the school. Vi talked about how much she loves chicken nuggets and that she'd do anything for a chicken nugget. She was actually serious about it too but It was also very adorable. I looked into her green and blue ocean eyes. I studied her features on her face. I would sometimes look at her lips and then quickly look back up to her eyes so she wouldn't catch me. The way she laughed. Her white teeth showing when she smiled. She was perfect. I need her to be mine and I need to be hers. and I'm gonna make it happen. Tonight.

We walk in to McDonald's. It smelt great in there, the smell of French Fries and Chicken Nuggets. We get up to the counter and order our food. "I'll pay" she says. I look up at her and laugh. "No it's fine, let me get it" I say. "Clem please, you've done so much for me, let me do it for you this time" she says and winks. I gulp, hopefully not to loud. "Okay, Thank you Vi" I say.

We pay for our food. Violet got a 20 piece nugget for the both of so we can share and I got a Cheese Burger.

We sit at our own table. Violet sitting in front of me. "So Clem" She said stuffing her face with Nuggets which is really adorable. "I want to get to know you more, more than I already have" she says. I look at her and lean forward on my elbows, I intertwine my own fingers. "Okay, but I want to know about you too" I say with a smirk. "Deal, but we only get to ask one question each" she says. "Yes ma'ma" I say.

"Okay, I'll go first" she says. She looks into my eyes and I my knees get weak for some reason. "Is AJ your real brother?" She asks. I look down at the table. "Yeah, we're both kinda adopted" I say. "Was that personal? Shit I'm sorry, I should have asked" she says. "Hey, no its okay, I don't mind you knowing" she smiles. "Your actually the first person to know, I mean I trust you enough" I say and smile. "Wow, you told me about being adopted before anyone else in the group?" I nod. "That's pretty cool" she says.

"Okay, my turn" I look at her. "Do you like like anyone in the group?" she blushes at the question and leans back a bit. "Sure, I have my eye on someone" she says. Is it me? Should I ask? No, your gonna do it yourself Clem. "Oh my god, Violet has a crush on someone, am I allowed to know?" I ask. She laughs and shakes her head. "Nope, I have to find out who you like now" She smirks.

"Okay, last question" She says. She looks me in the eyes again. "So Clem, is there anyone YOU like like?" She asks. I gulp again. "Uhm, yes I like someone, and no your not gonna know, I want to find out yours" she fake pouts. "Oh come on, i won't tell anyone clemmmm" she begs. "Nope, I will find out who you like and if Louis knows before I do, I'm gonna be pissed" I say. "Well, he kinda already knows, I think I gave it away or something like that" I widen my eyes. Dammit. "Fine, but I'm gonna find out one way or another" I say.

After we finished eating at McDonald's, we headed down to the Arcade. This day has been pretty good so far. Hanging out with Violet is a dream come true. I never thought I'd be able to hangout with this amazing and adorable person. All I have to do is ask her out. I'm actually kinda scared. What if she rejects me. What if the person she likes, isn't me? I'll be doomed.

We make it to the Arcade. We still had a good amount of money left over. We payed our way in and made our way to the games. They had laser tag, put out golf, and hella good food.

She puts her arm around my shoulder and neck. "What do you wanna do first?" She asks. I feel my face getting hot. "Games definitely, you down?" I ask. She looks at me and smiles. "Always" She says. She guides me to the games, with her arm still around me.

"How about this one?" She asks. "Really? Flappy Bird, you gotta be joking" I say. She playfully rolls her eyes and gets her arm from around from me. I make a disappointing sound because I actually enjoyed it. "We'll take turns, whoever gets the highest score, has to buy chicken nuggets for the other person tomorrow on the way to school" I laugh. "Okay, your on loser" I say. She smirks. "Whatever"

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