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Light- Clementine/Louis, Clouis, Louisentine by echip99
Light- Clementine/Louis, Clouis, echip99
He could still remember his mother's calming voice when he was young, before he was sent to Ericsons. Awakening from nightmares with a startled cry, she would always be...
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Violetine | One-Shots by TheWalkingDanni
Violetine | One-Shotsby Danni
"I think...I mean - I hope we're more than friends. And I want us to be, like, together. Hm, you know, like, girlfriends." "I...yeah. Me too. I mean.. yes...
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A new Dawn (Clementine x Louis) by blessskybound
A new Dawn (Clementine x Louis)by Adrian Kaufmann
The raiders are gone and the kids from Ericson's boarding school are free! But there is still a question at hand, who are the new people outside the kid's territory? Whe...
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The Girlfriend Experiment | A Violetine AU [Rewrite] by TheWalkingDanni
The Girlfriend Experiment | A Danni
Violet's an oblivious lesbian, Clementine's an obvious bisexual, Mitch can't handle gross feelings, Louis can't keep secrets, Sophie and Brody are alive and well and Rub...
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Gay Violentine One Shots by VioletsNuggets
Gay Violentine One Shotsby ᴳᴬᵞ կ ᵛᴵᴼᴸᴱᵀ
our gay babies [violentine]
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Sacrificial Offering by PyreFlie
Sacrificial Offeringby Pyre
Consider this an alternate episode 3 and on. Started writing this after episode 2 of TFS came out. The raiders have attacked and Clementine must figure out a way to save...
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ClementineXLouis ~ The Walking Dead the Final Season by ClemmieCloo
ClementineXLouis ~ The Walking Missing Lee :(
I love Clem (obvi). And I love Louis (who doesn't?) but most importantly, I love them together 💞 I feel like I've read almost every Clouis fanfiction so it was time I s...
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Twdg: Clouis one shots by MiniEverett
Twdg: Clouis one shotsby MiniEverett
*Requests open* *Season 4 spoilers throughout*
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Ericson's High School - A Violentine Fanfict by juicyfruitbois
Ericson's High School - A Jaden🍊💜
Non apocalyptic story about Clem and Violet :) Not really anything else to say. Enjoy!
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Love, Your Darlin - Clouis Highschool AU by PickingClementines
Love, Your Darlin - Clouis PickingClementines
She's the new girl, of course she is. There is one thing you need to know about Clementine, she despises change possibly even fears it so when her adoptive father, Lee a...
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reach me [clouis] by miluri_
reach me [clouis]by miluri_
marlon is dead. clementine is left with the realization that the kids at ericsson's are looking to her for leadership now that he's gone. the responsibility weighs down...
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Violetine One-Shots || TWDG by sofialouised
Violetine One-Shots || TWDGby Sofia
Violet and Clementine one shots. Feeding your craving for cute gay fluff between two cute gay girls. (the gays win bitch) Slow updates
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overwhelming  by scoochamaroo
overwhelming by scoochamaroo
this fanfic is about Clementine and Louis', from the walking dead game the final season, relation ship with each other. (art is not mine)
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Misconceptions by PyreFlie
Misconceptionsby Pyre
*COMPLETED* Violentine, AU, takes place in high school. Violet thinks Clementine is a teacher's pet, but the more she learns about the girl in the baseball cap, the more...
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CLOUIS I TWDG Oneshots by xqueenclemsterx
CLOUIS I TWDG Oneshotsby Rich Boy Louis🤑
*cover by Monicherrie* Oneshots mainly based on Clementine and Louis but sometimes they won't even be in chapters and it'll be completely different characters. There wi...
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🧡 Clouis One Shots 🧡 by ClemmieCloo
🧡 Clouis One Shots 🧡by Missing Lee :(
Full of Clouis one shots 🧡 mainly gonna be AU's because I've been craving to write a few. If you have any requests, please send them! (Credit will be given of course 😉...
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The Walking Dead: Infinity by ClementineMyDarling
The Walking Dead: Infinityby ClementineMyDarling
Clementine's screen time has ended. That doesn't mean her story is over, though. Follow the continuation of her, A.J., and the rest of Ericson's journey in this fan fict...
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Oh My Darling, Clementine by AquaElizabeth
Oh My Darling, Clementineby Elizabeth
A story about Clementine and Louis, and their fight for love as teenagers in the zombie apocalypse.
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✰ ClemxLouis Oneshots ✰ by darling-clemmy
✰ ClemxLouis Oneshots ✰by chloe
just oneshots/some headcannons of our favorite zombie killing couple. some will be alternate universe, though!
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I Adore You ~ VIOLENTINE • [Modern AU]  by _Mars_29_
I Adore You ~ VIOLENTINE • [ _Mars_29_
(most of this story is based off of @thederpartist 's Violentine Modern AU fan arts on instagram. Her works are just majestic, go check them out! They're so worth it). •...
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