New Things

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Enjoy this amazing song, if you listen to it :)

Clementine's POV

I woke up from the moonlight dimming through my curtains. I open my eyes slowly and feel someone's arms wrapped around my waist. It was just Violet. I smile at the beauty beside me and reach over to grab my phone off my desk to check the time. 5:36 in the morning. I still have a little bit of time to sleep. I might as well. I snuggle closer to Violet and wrap my own arms around her waist. I kiss her forehead and close my eyes, slowly drifting off back to sleep.

After sleeping for the 30 minutes I had left, my alarm finally goes off. I reach over Violet and shut it off. I lean back and look at her. Her eyes slowly opened and saw me. She smiled and pulled me closer to her. "Good morning" she says. She nuzzles her face into the crook of my neck and kisses a spot on it. "Good morning" I say. She leans back and gives me a toothy smile. "And why are you so happy this morning?" I ask. "Because I get to see your beautiful face" I smile at her and lean forward to kiss her lips. Before our lips touch she places a finger on them. "Nuh uh uh, later, we have to get ready" she says and smirks. "Dammit"

She smiles and gets up. I just stare at her while she walks over and finds clothes to put on. She turns around and catches me staring. After she gets done putting on the clothes, she walks back over to me. She lays down and gestures for me to come over. I get up and sit on her lap. She straddles me by the waist and I lean down to kiss her lips. The kiss was soft and gental. She bites and sucks on my bottom lip. With a little 'pop' noise right after she let go. I lean back into another one and I hear a knock on the door.

"Baby, are you and Violet up?" Carley asks. "Yeah Mom, We're about to get ready" I hear AJ running through the house. "Mom, can I go to Tenn's house after school?" I look at Violet and then down at her hands that were still placed on my waist. I look back at the door and hear a giggle. "Yeah, and go put some pants on AJ" She says. Me and Violet start to laugh. Until my mom speaks up again. "Breakfast is ready for you two and AJ before you guys head too school" I look at the door. "Okay, we'll be down there in a minute" I say.

I look back at Violet and see her grinning. "What?" I ask. "I don't know, your just adorable" she says. I roll my eyes playfully and lean down for another soft kiss. It didn't last long, only a 5 second kiss. "I'll get ready and then we can go eat, okay?" She nods in response. She gives me one more kiss and let's go of my waist so I can get up.

I walk over to my closet and pick out something to wear. I see what I want and begin to get dressed. I pull my shirt up and look in the mirror. Violet has her hand over her eyes. I giggle. "You know it's okay to look silly, I'm your girlfriend" I say. She slowly peaks through her fingers and looks at my back. "Like what you see?" I ask. "Maybe" She says. I smirk at her and continue to get dressed.

After I get dressed, I feel arms wrap around my waist. "Should we tell your parents about us?" I look back at her. "No not yet, maybe tomorrow" She nodded and kissed my neck gently. I let out a little soft moan. I get a hum in reply. She lets go and opens the door for me. I playfully bow and she does the same. We head down to eat breakfast. The smell of pancakes filled my nostrils. It smelled like heaven.

"Good Morning Ladies" Lee says. "Morning Dad" I say. "Good Morning Lee" Violet says. We sit down and AJ runs into the room with his Disco Broccoli action figures in his hands. "Good Morning Guys" He says. "Morning Buddy" Lee says. He looks up at Me and Violet and smiles. We both smile back at him. "Would you guys like some pancakes?" Mom asks. "Yes please" I say. "Mom makes the best pancakes" I say. Violet looks at me and smiles. "Good, I love pancakes" she says. "I love them more than you" AJ says with a mouth full of pancakes. "How about I love them more than both of you" I say. They both look at me and sigh. "Fine, you win" Violet says. "I'm done, me and Disco Broccoli are outta here" AJ says and runs off into the living room.

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