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Violet's POV

We got to Clem's house and holy shit was it huge. I mean not that huge but it was pretty big.

"We're home!" Clem yelled through the house as we walked in. Who is she yelling at? AJ threw his stuff down and ran upstairs. "Good, I was just fixing up dinner for tonight" a woman yelled back. A woman with brown hair and brown eyes came though the hallway. "And who is this young lady?" She asked. "Mom, this is Violet, she's a friend of mine, her parents won't be coming home until late at night and I didn't want her to be alone, so she's gonna stay with us tonight if that's okay with you?" Clem said. She looks up at Lee and he nods. "Yeah that's fine with me, my name is Carley if Clementine hasn't told you yet?" She says and smiles. "No actually she hasn't, but it's good to meet you" she smiles and nods. "It's good to meet you too, you girls go ahead and hang out and make yourself at home, we'll be in the kitchen if you need us" she says and walks back to the kitchen with lee following with her. "Come on Vi! We can hangout in my room"

Did she just call me by my nickname? She took my hand in hers and led me to her room. I don't know what these feelings are but they are going ballistic. I mean I like her but I don't know if I want to confess just yet.

We make it up to her room and she lets go of my hand sadly. I walk in and her room is actually pretty cool. She has a queen sized bed. Her room has lights all around it. She has a desk on the other side of the room that has a couple of monitors on it and a big TV above with a pink gaming chair in front of it. She has a Xbox One X and a Ps4. Her closet automatically opens and closes itself. Like damn, I gotta be honest it's a pretty cool room.

"You can sit your stuff beside my bed if you want" she says. "Okay" I walk over to her bed and sit my stuff beside it. I sit down and look up and see her sitting at her desk. She looks so adorable I can't help it. She looks up at me and smiles. "Uhm, Violet?" Her laugh caught me off guard. "Hmp?" She giggles again. "Your so adorable" she chuckles. My face red and I feel heat coming up behind my neck. She called me adorable. Why am I acting like this? I need to talk to her about the kiss and why she ran out of the class.

"Hey Clem" She spins around and looks at me. "Yeah?" She says. "Uhm, can we talk about what happened today?" She nods and stands up. "Sure, what about?" She walks over and sits next to me. "You know you can talk to me Vi" there's the nickname again. "I was wanting to talk about the kiss and why you ran out of the classroom today" she sighs and sits back. "Yeah, I was wanting to talk about that too..." she leans back up. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry for kissing you, if it felt weird, I didn't mean to make it weird" she looks at me. "No, no it's fine, it's just that I didn't think that you would kiss me, even thought I didn't care if you did.." she trailed off. "I mean if I'm being honest, you were the only cute one there" I smile at her. She smiles back. It goes quite for a minute and it's kinda awkward. She was the first to speak up. "I actually need to tell you something" she says. "Go ahead" I say. "Violet, I like..-" AJ barges in to her room and we scoot away from each other because we was pretty close to each other. He looks at us confused. He shrugs. "Come on guys! dinner's ready" He says and runs back out of her room. She looks over at me and shrugs. "Might as well" she stands up and walks towards her door. "Are you coming?" She giggles. "Oh yeah, be there in a bit" I say. What was she gonna say to me before AJ came in? Was she gonna say she liked me? No she can't like someone like me.

I walk down her stairs and stand at the end of the steps. This house is so big, it's confusing. Clem peaks her head around the corner. "We're in here silly" she says and leans back into what I think is the kitchen. I walk that way and turn the corner. God, there Kitchen is beautiful. I walk in and sit next to clem at the dining table. AJ's on the other side of clem and I guess Lee and Carley are going to sit in front of us. "Hey Violet, how are you liking it so far?" Carley asks me. "It's good, you guys have an amazing house" I say and look up at the big chandelier. "Thank you hun, we try to keep this place as clean and neat as possible" she says. "Your welcome" I say.

I look over at clem and she looks at me. I look away quickly and look out the window. It's starting to get awkward really fast and I don't like it. "So Violet, what would you like?" I look at the choices on the table. Macaroni and Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Chicken. I want everything but I don't want to look like a hog. "Uhm, how about some chicken and macaroni and cheese" I say. "Good choice, after your finished, you can have anything else that'd you like" Carley says with a smile. Lee walks into the room. "This smells good sweetie" Lee says and kisses Carleys cheek. 'I want to do that with Clem when were older-' No violet, you can't be thinking about that, even thought I'd like that, I'm pretty sure clem wouldn't.

"Violet, are you okay?" I look up at her and nod. "Yeah, I'm just thinking" I say. She smiles. "Whatever you say dork" I blush and start eating. "So Violet, how did you and clem meet?" Me and Clem look at each other, then she looks at Carley. "Well, I actually met this guy named Marlon first who is friends with Violet and I walked into Lee's class room and sat down with him, until I met her and another guy named Louis but we call him Lou, and at lunch I met more people who are there friends and now their my friends" she says with a smile. "Well good honey, I'm glad you made friends on your first day" Carley says. "Yeah me too" She says. "I made friends too Mom! I met this kid named Tenn and another named Caleb and we played with Disco Broccoli and colored and it was fun" AJ says. I smile down at him and he looks up at me and smiles back. "Well I'm glad AJ, both of you deserve love no matter what"

After dinner was over, Clem took me back up to her room. "You wanna okay Xbox?" She said. "Sure, why not" I nodded. "Cool, what do you wanna play?" She asks while turning on the Xbox. "Uhm, do you have Fortnite?" She smiles big. "Hell yeah, hold on a second" she runs over to her door and opens it. "Hey AJ! Do you wanna play Fortnite with me and Vi?" She yells down the hall. He peaks his head out of his door. "Yeah hold on, I'm in the middle of a match right now" He says. "Okay, tell me when" She said and came back into her room. "AJ has an Xbox too?" I'm surprised, the kids only 6? 7? I think. "Yeah, we got it for him last year for his birthday, me and him play a lot of games together" I laugh. "What's so funny?" I smile. "Oh I don't know, that's just adorable" she nods. "Yeah, we usually play Minecraft, Fortnite and Black ops 4, I have Gta too but AJ can't play that, but none the less it's pretty dope" damn I never thought she'd be such a gamer girl. "That's pretty cool"

After about 3 hours of playing video games with AJ, it was time to go to bed because we have school tomorrow. Lee allowed us to watch a quick movie before we sleep. AJ was already asleep so he couldn't watch the movie with us. While we was hanging out, we played Fortnite, I got my first win. I was Clem's 100th win on her account. She hugged me after it and I almost fainted. AJ and I played duos. I had 3 kills and he had 11. Then the rest of the time we just snacked on things and played video games the whole time. "So what movie do you want to watch?" Clem asked me while flipping through Netflix. "How about... The Incredibles 2?" I love the incredibles. Fro-zone is my favorite character. "Yeah, I'm down with that" I said. She looked up the incredibles and turned it on. I had popcorn in my hand while sitting on her bed.

She walked over and sat next to me. She reached over and got a couple pieces of popcorn. She threw one up in the air and caught in her mouth. I laughed at how childish it is and she laughed too. We laughed for about 2 minutes straight over something stupid. We quit laughing and started to watch the movie. I made impressions of some of the characters and Clem laughed at all of them. We said the quotes and things they say in the movies and just had a great time.

2 hours later

I woke up and looked around the room. I freaked out for a second because I thought I got kidnapped. No, I was in Clem's bed, laying next to her. She was snuggled up next to me with her arms wrapped around my waist. I layed back on my back and looked up at her ceiling. Best Sleep over ever.

Hey guys :) I hope you enjoy this chapter because I know I did. Anyways I don't really have anything to say other than to have a good day :) byeeee💓

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