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Clementine's POV

I stayed up late thinking about about what had happened that night. Violet was fast asleep with her arms wrapped around my waist and her face nuzzled into my back. The things we did last night, well what she did too me. I didn't do shit. I know I'm new to this stuff but I at least wanted to make her happy.

The thing is, she made me happy. She always makes me happy. The little things she does for me, the necklace she got for me. The hugs, kisses, hand holds, simple words she says to me. I need to start doing little things for her. Our one month is coming up soon. The thing is, she said 'I love you' to me last night for the first time and I said it back. I actually felt happy after that moment. We've only said it over text but not in person.

I decided to go back to sleep since we have school in the morning. I hope Lee and Carley didn't hear me and Violet last night. If they did, I'm dead meat.

Time skip to morning :)

I heard a knock on the door. I look around to see no Violet next to me. She must have already been up and ready. My door opens and I forgot that I was still naked from last night. I quickly cover myself before the person comes in. It was just Violet. Thank god, if Lee or Carley walked in with me naked in bed. That wouldn't be a sight to see.

She has a toothbrush in her mouth, brushing her teeth as she walked in. It was probably hers. She see's me and stops for a moment. "Holy shit, you scared me" she says. I can barely make it what she says. "Time for round two are we?" She asks with a smirk on her lips. I look down at my body and back up at her. I try to hide my blush with my hands but that fails. "I'm just fucking with you, even though I already have" She says. I roll my eyes and lay back down.

"Can you hand me my phone?" I ask. "Yeah where is it?" I point over to my desk and she walks over and picks it up. She brings it over to me and hands me it. "Thank you babe" she looks at me shocked. "I mean...uh" I have a lost of words for what I just said. "It's fine, I like it, that means I get to call you that too, if that's okay with you?" she asks. I smile at her and take her hand in mine. "I wouldn't want to say it to anyone else" I say. "Me too" I get up out of bed. She stares at my body while I walk over to my closet trying to find an outfit to wear. "That's mine" she says and winks at me. I roll my eyes and keep on finding something.

After successfully finding an outfit to wear, I can finally brush my teeth and hair. I walk to mine and AJ's bathroom that is down the hall. I walk in and feel the cold breeze hit my face. I thought it was fucking hot in this house.

I started to brush my teeth. My teeth were straight and surprisingly white. I don't need braces because of how straight they are. I already know I ain't myself but you know.

While I'm in the middle of finishing, I feel arms wrap around my waist. They place their head on my shoulder and kiss my cheek softly. "Your looking extra adorable today" Violet says. "You look better" I say while still brushing my teeth. I bend down and wash my mouth out. I lean back up and violet spins me around. She picks me up and sits me on the counter top. She looks into my eyes and they slowly move down to my lips. "I love you" she says right before she kisses me. "I love you too" she smiles though the kiss and leans back.

She laughs for some reason and I look at her confused. "What's so funny?" She points to my nose. I cross my eyes and look down at it to see toothpaste on it. "Here I'll get it" she takes her thumb and wipes it off, only seconds later, she flicks my nose and runs out of the bathroom laughing. Oh she's so dead.

I put my toothbrush down and run out of the bathroom after her. I run down the hall and accidentally bump into Lee. "Woah, why are you in such a rush sweetpea? Are your excited about school or something?" He asks and smiles. "No dad, I'm trying to find Violet, have you seen her?" He shakes his head. "Nope" I know he's lying. "Dad, don't lie too me" I say. He laughs. "Fine, she ran down stairs" he says. "Thank you!" I say before running down the stairs to find that devil.

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